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what an over. great game.

thought that morgan got his plans wrong in the penultimate few overs but that last one was inspired. gave saffers enough time for the tickle in their throat to grow into the full choke.


That last over was nail-biting. Woody an absolute hero there. Love it when it swings back in your favour and the bowler and captain take a 5 minute break between balls. Amazing win. So hyped for the champs trophy.


Watching yesterday’s highlights. Bowling to Buttler must be absolutely infuriating when he plays some of his scoop and reverse shots.


20-6 who is watching this?


glad i turned it on now


It would be embarrassing for village cricket.

Obviously trying to stop Amla getting to 7,000 runs by being all out for less than 23


Huge cheer for a not wicket taking delivery


Was that a round of applause for Bairstow making double figures?!


Something strangely comforting about an inept 50 over display from England.


Rather like going home.


I’ve been especially reassured by the 7th, 8th and 9th wicket partnerships each getting established enough to have me thinking “If we can get to 200, we’ll have something to bowl at”, before another ill judged shot.


Ah yes, bargaining. We Kiwi fans know this classic stage of grief well.

Was hoping to watch NZ-Lanka but can’t find a stream. Oh well. England’s collapse against SA, and NZ falling over against Bangladesh, mean that maybe we could be in for a very interesting group. Only a few days to wait, white ball fans #excitedforthat


Ireland and Afghanistan granted test status! That’s a big surprise to me, but both deserve it IMO. Amazing how far the Afghans have come in the last few years, and after what they’ve been up against. And no more stealing the likes of Joyce, Rankin and Morgan off Ireland for England, you would think. Just keep stealing Saffas instead.


yeah really good news, could see either giving West Indies, Bangladesh & Zimbabwe a good game, especially at home, guess it’ll mainly be one off tests rather than tours for a few years?


I’m really pleased that they’ve got test status, but hope we can move to a world where smaller teams get at least a 3-test series. As it stands we’ve got four test status teams who often only get 2 tests against the big boys. I know money comes into it, and right now there’s not a lot of interest from the bigger countries in say Eng-Ban or Ind-NZ, but if the smaller countries play more, they’ll get better and it will make the sport more attractive.


worst haircut in cricket

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This Jason Roy fella looks good with the bat.


Almost like getting him out of the firing line to have a quick blast with his county has done him some good.


Livingstone has missed out on quite a few here by playing the scoop to completely unsuitable deliveries.


When I first saw them play I assumed it was Sam with the dumb haircut as he was the kid, but no, it’s Tom.