A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



County Div 2 team news - of niche interest normally, but Derbyshire have included a 16 year old former Afghan refugee. His cricinfo profile isn’t exactly bulging with detail.



Reckon anyone’s ever had this stat line having completed a full match before?


That’s a good spot. They’ve filled in a few gaps since this morning, such as his DoB. I feel like I know him now.


England’s test team’s going to look a bit odd isn’t it.
Missing 4 of a top 6 potentially.
Hameed (averaging ten or so this year)?
Gary @Balonz?
Hero Mo moving up?
Stokes (fit?)?
woakes crocked
Tory Cumberbatch-Rowland-Smyth
Anyone Else?


Would take Jennings over Hameed right now.

Ballance must be in with a shout to be at 4? Had a great summer thus far. Duckett? I know he notched a ton yesterday but am not convinced.


Assuming all are fit.


I would like large lad Samit Patel to get a place, purely because of how long it’s been since a properly out of shape player’s had an England cap


It’s going to look a bit fragile, isn’t it? Like you say, Hameed’s been in wretched nick, Jennings not much better, but I still think they’ll probably go Cook-Hameed-Jennings-Root at the top. Bairstow, Stokes, Ali, Broad, Anderson and Wood more or less pick themselves, so room for one more. Ballance has absolutely caned it all summer, so he might be the most obvious choice, Rashid if it’ll spin, but I just have a sneaky feeling for Ben Foakes to come in and keep as a left field option, let Bairstow worry about batting only.

Foakes is in terrific form, has played loads of Lions games, fills in admirably for Woakes in rhyming with Stokes, and plays for Surrey which can never be underestimated in the selectors’ minds.

There’s Nick Gubbins as a possible opener too, but we can’t be picking a player called Gubbins, clearly.


are they definitely going to be fit? Any chance of them going with Bairstow at 5 and Jossy Jos at 7? Big fat Samit Patel?


Oh Ben Foakes is from Colchester



England’s Women have just smashed 377, noice


Anderson is bowling as we speak. I think Broad will be fit. The Josster, I dunno, don’t see him in the squad at the moment, but could be wrong.

Mark Cosgrove must qualify for England by now if you really must have a fatty in the squad, has about as good a chance as Samit of being selected too.


Gosh, that’s a little bit of timber, that is.

Top lad - hope for us all yet!


Oh my!
Samit’s been biffing it around in all forms recently hasn’t he?
Still can’t get over the interview he gave about how he was going to really commit to getting into shape and focusing on the athletic side of the game, while eating a KFC during the interview


Back to back double centuries in the CC no less, but he (along with the rest of Notts) is just on holiday in div 2 for a year, they were against the might of Leics and Gloucs, two of the shittest bowling attacks assembled in recent memory. He has quite literally no chance of being called up, which is a bit sad really.


Oof. That’s a big old score in the women’s game. One off their best ever, against… Pakistan, last year.

Happily for the Pakistan team, they’re used to it.


Australia’s Women’s team seem like they were fairly dominant in the late 90s


Oh jesus fucking humble christ this is bleak


including a 32 ball duck in an ODI, amazing scenes


less than 1 an over for the innings


Oh my. I mean… oh my. I hope there were no children present.

“Pakistan Women tour of Australia, Only ODI.” Yes, I should think that was probably enough.