A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



Not even their biggest defeat on that tour!



Quite the collapse from the Aussies there.


At the time the PAK-AUS game set world records for the highest and lowest team totals ever! (a more respectable 3rd highest and 2nd lowest ever, now)


The young Afghan lad finished with match figures of 41.3 - 16 - 76 - 6, and spun Derbyshire to victory. Extraordinary effort, get that boy in the brand new Afghanistan test team.




I did think that, but even England wouldn’t steal from a fledgling Afghanistan team, fighting against all odds, with almost no cha…

Actually, never mind.


[some] England international T20s and the domestic T20 competiton on the BBC from 2020. Imagine that - Live sport on free TV! Great news!


a format called twenty20 going to the BBC in the year 2020, wonder how they’ll market that one


Badly, probably :smiley:


George Henry Simmons Garton playing for the lions with a first class average of 41. Posh boys union.


Apart from yer man the Country and Western singer opening up the batting.


Look at that neck on him tho. There’s a chap who’s been feasting on freshly shot peacock since he was a baby.


It’s a weird old bowling attack, for sure. I can think of at least four more deserving players than Helm and Garton even if I limit myself to only picking fast bowling brothers. The Overrans, if you will. If it wasn’t for Plunkett I’d assume they were just making sure no-one who might actually ever find themselves in an England shirt got hurt.


likely team according to twitter then

toby ro jo

12th dawson

i know we’ve got some good allrounders but it’d be nice to be at least 3rd drop before they’re on the park. 5 seamers is always too many… speaking of bal(l)ance in the side - he’s averaging a hundred in champo again. how much that matters when rabada comes calling, who knows.

no AB, maybe no faf cause his wife’s had a rough childbirth :frowning: without them two the top order looks a bit weak… only hash & elgar are proper test quality. de kock is an absolute boy & morkel/rabada/philander could be frightening if they fire.

is maharaj their test spinner now? not seen much of him.




saw the headlines about CRICKET’S COMING HOME TO REAL TELEVISION and assumed it meant proper cricket that you spend up to five days watching. I feel that post-GREATEST SERIES deflation all over again.


Wish I was more surprised by the selectors going back to Ballance once again,


Would’ve loved to see Hameed back but his form’s been a bit shite I guess.


yeah, not sure what’s up with him :confused: @tricklenipple, got any insight?


he’s been shiiiite mate.

dunno really man. only been when we were batting a couple days this year and he was out before we got there. the theories going around are -

  • he shouldn’t be playing white ball, changed his technique to up his s/r in order to got in the 50 over side for lancs (he’s actually gone quite well for us - averaging 40 @ strike rate of 80). getting too far forward and trying to drive/defend on the front foot to good & back of good length balls or slow to get back when he does try.

  • too big for his boots/2nd season syndrome

or some mixture of those.

dead surprising tho, the one thing all the coaches said was remarkable of him coming up was his consistency, in technique & results, think it’s more likely his technique has slipped than his mental game.


Yeah think mentally he always looked pretty assured. Going off his body language in those Tests in India he looked like he’d been opening for England for years.