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Broad and Jimmy both started playing test cricket at considerably younger ages that Woakes. Whilst the stats compare the same point in their careers it doesn’t reflect their growth. Woakes is a decent bowler and if he keeps improving, and surprising me, then that would be great. I love the guy to bits and I’m always happy to be wrong, I just don’t think he’ll ever be a spearhead in the mold of Anderson or Broad.

'Course he did. Whilst we’re on the subject of spinners who bat a bit/a lot who quit the game early, can we just acknowledge what a decent bloke Zafar Ansari is:


Yes. yes we can.




We tried jos in the top order against Warwickshire the other week to give him his best shot at the test team, scored 2 and 1. Just doesn’t have the game to be consistent.

I still believe there’s a potential test player in him but it’s probably never going to happen now, he needs to commit a year or two to the championship and it’s not likely when he can earn a million quid for 6 week’s work every April.

Agreed the Dawson pick is regressive and stupid.


How has leach gone since his action kerfuffle?


Broad has had spells where he bowls medium pace for a time his whole career.

I reckon him and Jimmy are going to have pretty effective late careers, coming up in that four man attack they’ve both learned to bowl within themselves and still keep a threat. Think broad will still be there in 2020.


Incredible that broad and root are still 24 and 16, respectively. Feels like they’ve been around for ages


be some team when hameed has finished his SATs and buckles down to cricket again.


Someone please tell me that the third coming of Gary Balance is just a sick prank heralding root’s new captaincy style as a joker? He’s going to head onto the field with a decent batting line up and go “ahhhhh got you! Suckers! You really thought we’d pick balance again!”



Bearing in mind the successes of the other England side yesterday I may I propose an alternative to Ballance:



although I would fully expect the umpires to turn to the England side at some point and be all there aren’t any women here are there?


It would actually be dead interesting to see how she got on. Think of the worldwide interest there’d be if she’s coming in at first drop. It’s a sponsor’s dream, get it happening @ECB!


Toss won! Fucking get in there Rooty!


England top order looks a bit fragile with Ballance and Jennings in the top 3 facing up to Rabada, but SA looks thoroughly shaky after Elgar and Amla.

Are we all agreed that Rabada is about the most exciting thing in international fast bowling at the moment? I think we probably are.


Rabada is great isn’t he? Really looking forward to seeing a bit more of him with the red ball.

Personally, I love a quick and fiery left arm over (Mitchell Starc is pretty much perfect) but Rabada is right up there.


I can see your point here, but it’ll be a cold, dark day when I anoint an Australian fast bowler as the most… anything of anything good.


Seperate thread for this lads? What do we reckon?




Don’t all rush in at once @cricketlads