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Can we talk about the women’s world cup in here? Mighty showing by England yesterday. Brave Kiwi lasses looking to be too good for the Windies which sets up a potential 5-way humdinger for the semi final places.


Banned act etc


Humdingers around the championship atm, although it looks like Warks are going to get chased down at Edgbaston. Particularly bad seeing as Somerset are cashing in on Yorkshire missing some of their premier talents to get their first win of the season. Pretty sure the bears are going down :’(

Been reading ‘Anyone But England’ - it’s a bit more of a history book than I was anticipating, but it’s pretty damning stuff.


I was depressed to see how little love my Women’s ICCWC thread got. Hey ho. I thought yesterday was so exciting: so good to see Sarah Taylor batting like that again. Not a fan of Jenny Gunn (her action still looks suss to me) but her aside England are a brilliant and settled team.


Fantastic finish to the game, but I think that’s Warks down. Still haven’t won all season, properly adrift of the rest of the division now. Always a delicate balancing act of blooding youth whilst playing your experienced players, but combination of too young and too old this year. Ah well. The innovation of Div 2 awaits!


Was full of hope that the Bears were going to finally win a game. Alas, no.


Yeah. Can’t help but feel they’d have finished them off if they’d won a couple of games. No confidence at all in the team, and that’s gonna be a massive punch to the gut.


Yeah, they’re basically down. They haven’t had the performances from the old guard to let the new ones play with any freedom, especially batting. They’ve lost 4 by an innings this year already.

A lot was on Ian Bell’s shoulders and he’s just not been up to his normal standard this year, he averages 27. Of actual batsmen, only Trott and just-retired Westwood are ahead of that, too. They’ve also missed Chris Wright in the bowling, i don;t know what’s happened to him? Injured I guess. Trott and Barker can’t do everything.


Aye. Trott’s been very good, but that’s about it from the batsmen - been getting bailed out by the batting bowlers for the last couple of years tbh, Woakes, Barker and Clarke. And then none of the bowlers have been consistently good, whether due to injury or form or pitches, doesn’t really matter. Even Patel’s taken a step back this year.


We can have the conversation ourselves, here, then :wink: Would be posting a lot more if the timing suited better, the games are just getting going when I go to bed.

Anyway, remember when women’s cricket was really slow-scoring and dour? NZ just scored at 10 an over to beat Pakistan.

Honestly prefer our women’s team to our men’s at the moment (in spite of HANDSOME KANE). For one thing, there aren’t any accused rapists in the women’s team…but can’t see us making the last four when we still need to play England and India.


I’m really hoping that it becomes whatever the opposite of a vicious cycle is.

The games are better attended this year than previously, which means there’s a lot more atmosphere which means they’re more appealing to go to and so they’re better attended.

I think the power hitting and 300 plus scores don’t do any harm either. Brilliant stuff.

The eng nz game clashes with day 4 of the test match tomorrow but if it’s a straight choice between watching Beaumont and Ballance bat I know which one I’ll be taking!


Virtuous cycle, I think :slight_smile:
Plus the better prize money should mean better quality play, eventually. And hopefully better promotion (of women’s sports in general, maybe - over here there’s a great campaign for netball showing a little girl weight-lifting, with a super-muscled adult player spotting for her, really marketing the physical ability of the players).

Anyhoo, England must be good to qualify - assume England beat WI and South Africa beat Sri Lanka, that puts both those teams ahead of NZ. England beating NZ makes it certain they go through, NZ need to win at least one out of India and England… then again I figure Australia are nailed on, but they’ve got three tough matches yet to play…


scary. apparently he didn’t lose consciousness & is doing ok. shocking this doesn’t happen more often tbf. ugh.



Almost as horrible to watch as the missed run-out on the last ball to lose the game.


Watching the men on my tablet and the women on my TV. Sunday.


Cracking finish in the Eng Aus game. Swinging back and forwards, looks like we’ll get over the line though.


We did! :grinning: