A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



Aussie women being taken apart in the semi by India. Kaur scored 40 off her first 59 balls, since then she’s hit 124 off 52, with 7 sixes. 7!


That is some knock


In a bit of trouble here, the aussies.

Not sure about the cricinfo site. Live scorecards seems buggy. Is it something to with trying to consolidate the mobile and desktop appearance?


They are done for, is my professional opinion. Not sure whether that would be good or bad for England. No Aussies in the final, but we beat them and lost to India, so…

I always use the desktop cricinfo and it looks weird and different today. Unsettling.


Australia losing when they’re the top seeds is ALWAYS good. ALWAYS.

Especially when it means we get a chance to see Mithali in the final. Plus England revenge game! And it’ll be interesting to see how this goes down in India itself.


If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that finals love a turnaround from an earlier group game


I hate it. Can only think that ESPN genuinely thinks cricket fans want comment before scores and stats, which is beyond absurd.


I always hesitant to say URRRRGHH KILL IT WITH FIRE when a website changes, often get used to it quite quickly, and when you look back it, can feel a bit foolish… but this really doesn’t look good. I swear it’s runs worse as well, but that might be optimised soon enough.

I’ll give it until the end of the third test anyway.


this has ruined my weekend.


The app has been messed with too. We should probably just spam them asking them to revert the changes. That always worked when DiS changed.

On the plus side, still laughing at :cricket:



This final is an absolute belter. India were well in charge but are doing their best to choke. 28 off 31, 4 wickets left, anyone’s game




That stumping looked out imo tbf tbh


Agreed, but not enough evidence to be sure. Right call, just.

9 down,India have something lodged deep in their throat


This is saffers mens team levels of choking


They both did their best to lose it. Jenny Gunn just dropped the easiest catch I’ve ever seen dropped to win it. Didn’t matter in the end, what a game!


The organising committee must be having a fit. Couldn’t really get much better than a home win, in a cliff-hanger at a packed out Lords could it?


begins assembling tin foil into hat


Not suggesting it was a fit up, just that that is the dream outcome for the tournament.


hehe no, it was a poorly worded joke

This match was great for the womens game!