A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗




Warwickshire are going to win a county championship game in 2017. Their form in all competitions recently is juuuuust good enough to give me a faint whiff of hope that they won’t go down.


Ha, quite amused that it’s coming against Middlesex. I know one of their members quite well and he was giving it the large one on Sunday after bowling you out cheaply.

Of course, I shall be the bigger man and not gloat in his face.

Too much.


Warwickshire la la la!
Warwickshire la la la!


fittingly, I saw your lot turn Middlesex over last thursday, at my first ever live domestic T20 match.


(although it’s all gone a bit crazy the last 4 overs - 39 from them! Steve Finn’s on a 15 ball 30!)


Warwickshire have Ryan Sidebottom playing for them, only not that one. He’s 27, and has precisely one first class game from 2013. Looks like a cricinfo glitch, but isn’t, I guess.


no, they were mentioning that in the guardian county cricket daily blurb. Expensive first over today, and Steve Finn’s just walloped* him for 3 consecutive 4s. Just won the game though!

*or possibly inside edged him 3 times, idk


Speaking of that - Did you see Worcs openers wallop 75 off the first 4 overs in the T20 the other night?


Aye, that didn’t go so well for the good guys of the west midlands - slightly precarious position to qualify now, not the best NRR for Birmingham.

Worcestershire are a funny team though. Like that match they lost comfortably despite smashing every ball for 6 in one over.


Not quite sure whats going on at Yorkshire. Started the season fine, but now seem utterly incapable of playing any sort of cricket.


Yorkshire just slogged about 90 from 7 overs in the Blast. Twats.


Chuiffed as fuck for local top lad Mason Crane getting a call.


England are going to ruin him, I can feel it. Nothing I’ve ever seen suggests they have any clue what to do with leggies


Hopefully in good hands at Hampshire. No one expecting him to play against the Windies, but who knows eh? :cricket_bat_and_ball: :woman_shrugging:


Remember reading an article about Adil Rashid (when he got tonked 1st innings by pakistan, then got a 5fer in the second iirc) and there was a good quote about england batsment being “so bad at playing leg spin, they decided to destroy it from the game”



Who’s excited? Who thinks it’s a travesty?

Stuart Broad hasn’t had his one spectacularly successful match of the summer yet has he? I’m calling 7 for not much at some point in this game.


I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be nice to have some evening test match to watch, although a small part of me is irked that TMS won’t be on until much later in the day.


Guys, don’t make me make another separate thread for the Windies series.


Quite intrigued by the pink-ball thing. Something a bit different, and the round of County Championship matches generally seemed to be well received.

Pleased to see Stoneman FINALLY getting his chance.

Would be good to see Westley really cement himself at 3 and Malan to find some runs too. Return of Woakes is a big plus as well.

Looking forward to it.


Don’t think woakes is playing sadly