A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



Pink ball. Test match at night. World’s gone mad.




Aw, no Mason.


This Parkinson lad for Lancs looks like a guddun.


I feel jet lagged


Would I be putting the mockers on Chef by opining that I think he’s going to get a ton here?



Anyone know what colour ball they’re using? haven’t been mentioning it on TMS


Are they not just using a red ball as usual?


Pub WiFi stretches to the beach. TMS, Half a pint of vodka & one of those milk jugs full of tropical juice. Am pro-day nighters.


Just spent 20 minutes trying to get the shitty WiFi where I am to work so I can watch the cricket while my daughter has a swimming lesson. Succeeded, two balls, tea. Or second tea, it can do one whatever it is.


Tms on the beach is truly living the dream. I salute you.


Got a bit windy so I’m retiring to the beer garden now.


*a bit Windies


Adam Lyth is going flat out mental in the T20. Just gone past 150, two overs plus to go


Sanderson: 4 - 0 - 77 - 0. A tad on the expensive side if we’re honest.




The new boys aren’t getting much in the way of breaks are they?

Stoneman: ball jagging about a bit, gets a beauty.
Westley: again basically playing as tertiary opener, beaten for pace.
Malan: Now Root and Cook have spent the afternoon and early evening milking the bowling, gets to come in with a couple of overs before the new ball, with the ball starting to move around under the lights.


REALLY want Malan to do well


Switched over to the blast. Northants going absolutely berzerk. 60 from 21.