A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



66 from 24


Me too. 326-4 off 24 between them so far. That’s about 680 off 50 over pace. Err…


A pedestrian 276 from 24 overs in the Essex kent game




Looking like the true dinger of the night now. 69 needed from 39 balls


16 needed off the final over. Go on ladsladslads


4 from it. So so brave


Should have called a daddy.


Despite England being 470-5, this is a weirdly unsatisfactory watch. All the wrong England players have scored runs in a sense, the commentators relentless moaning about how utterly shit the West Indies are, constant sly undermining of the quality of the pink ball, occasion with all the tension and intrigue of a margherita pizza. Crowd can’t even be bothered to get pissed, although I guess it’s still early-ish in the cricketing day.


Chance that there’ll be five bowlers conceding their tons. How often has that happened?



Will the West Indies score more than cook?

  • Yes
  • No

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It’s a ball that is PINK. Fucking hell, you’d have thought they’d just introduced a rule saying you could only bat with one hand, or while singing Agadoo or something.


My mate apparently put a tenner on eng innings victory with one bowler to get a 5fer @300-1 couple of days ago



hat-trick ball!


I just feel bad tbh


I know england have an unparalleled ability to go from great to dross between games, but 3 tests seems cruel more than anything. Might be worth running out anyone we’re even contemplating for Australia. Crane, Hameed




i hope we’re not thinking of crane tbf but yeah, it’s hard to see anything to gain from this series.

speaking of the aussies - they don’t seem to have these conflicted feelings when their teams grind the opposition into the dust. how can you find joy in this sort of cricket?


gwan stuart, gwan doubleespresso’s jammy mate.


If we were doing this to a half-decent team it would be different, but I’d back most counties to turn over this Windies team pretty easily