A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



Boom there it is.

Feel a bit flat


It’s a pity when you consider Windows teams of the past. Such a shame all the issues between the board and players that seems to result in them fielding about half a dozen new players each time they play.

Probably because of the PINK ball though tbh.


Anyone getting on this 60th anniversay TMS T20?


just started watching it on the iplayer. bit awkward having boycott and blake together


Classic England so far. After a thumping win in one Test, we churn out this sort of shit (against admittedly good bowling) in the next.


Cripes! Some proper rescue work needed from Stokes and Moeen now.


This is how our innings’ work now though isn’t it? Anything from anyone other than Root in the top 5 is a bonus before Stokes and Moeen drag our nuts out of the fire.


Sometimes Bairstow too.


Bit harsh on the highest scoring Englishman of all time.


Fair point, but he’s scored 11 or less in 5 out of his 10 innings this summer. Bearing in mind he is very much the senior member of that top order.


This is a bit of selective reasoning. To go with his (admittedly very low) low scores he’s gone past 40 in all 5 tests previously this summer, and scored 243 not ten days ago. Also Moeen, for all his brilliance, has scores of 7, 18, 27, 16, 8, 14, 0 and 22 on his resume this summer. You can have numbers 2, 3 and 5 though, we might as well pick specialist fielders at this point.


Aggers floated the idea of getting woakes to open with cook.

Clearly insane but might be inspired.

Unlikely to get many runs (look what happened to moeen) but at least he will contribute afterwards unlike John Q Opener who has his stumps splattered in the third over and that’s him done


I like Devandra Bishoo, his surname sounds like both the sneeze and the response to the sneeze.


Bloody hell, Woakes hooping it round corners.


imagine how many wickets anderson would have taken if he listened to the comms. probably seven thousand.


Hope this is over in 2 days so I don’t feel bad about sacking the Sunday off.


Moeen <3


Ooh the highest ever yest score without a century is 524, stats fans. Might be in danger


Stats fans: BLUEBALLED