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Love a good straight drive off the bowler and onto the stumps run out…

Not sure why the non-striker needs to be 2 or 3 paces down the pitch in a Test match though ffs.

Also this:


nah, should always be backing up, it barely ever happens


What a bunch of cockwombles


Right then

  • C’mon England! Roll them over before tea!
  • Hoping it gets close
  • Now supporting the windies as there’s nothing more English than supporting the underdog.

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Definitely starting to get exciting. Current betting has England ~ 50 %, WI ~ 30% and draw ~20%


Can’t remember the last time all 3 results were properly possible at half 2 on day 5, great stuff


Despite the balanced nature of the game, it’s been really low key play today.

Pitch not doing much, odd ball beating the bat, a lot of runs from edges to 3rd man / clips to fine leg, occasional nice shot. It feels and has looked more like an old fashioned 3rd day than anything else.


This is proper nail-biting stuff now. Pretty great catch:


Mind the windows Jermaine.


This is what I watch test matches for


Cook secretly undermining Root?

There are people criticising Root’s declaration. Jesus wept.


After years and years of tedious over cautious captaincy I’m so pleased root declared. No one could realistically have predicted this.


is there a 18:45 cut off?


They’ll bowl the overs now regardless of time

If the umpires take them off for light I’m going to cry


Exactly my thoughts. Who wants a return to Strauss’ approach, we would still have been batting at lunch.

If you aren’t going to back an attack with a pair of seamers who are your country’s 2 leading ever wicket takers, to defend over 300, on a 5th day Headingley pitch, then you need to pack it in really.


Proper humdinger in Bangladesh. Aussies needing 37 with two left… and as I post, Lyon loops one over his head, Soumya goes back and juggles it, juggles it and takes the catch!

Last man in, history in the making…




Supporter tensions run high in… the county championship?


Someone fired an arrow on the pitch, apparently. OK then.


Meh. Looks like the Bears have blown it - 107 needed from 9 overs :confused:

What a shit season.


Not completely over, hopefully can make a game of it.