A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



sam hain is a boy.

looks like warner the way he just stays so still and chins it back over the bowler’s head.


Been a great day’s cricket, what I’ve seen of it. So many young batsmen coming through with no fear, the T20 generation.

Pity Flintoff is doing his best to spoil it, for a man who spends a lot of his time criticising other commentators, he really is shit. Really cringey when him and Athers are on together, all fake bonhomie and bygones-be-bygones bollocks.


There were a few points at the end where I thought all the sky lot had rather forgotten there was a cricket match going on. Don’t care about Flintoff singing an elvis song. I really don’t.

Love that notts team. Would have loved to be in the room when they told broad he was on the bench.


Fantasy cricket update - ooooh! £200 for the winner of the wickets league. 4 transfers left, was way behind a few weeks back. Bringing in Ashwin and Porter last week was a master stroke.


'kin hell Cookie #headsgone


Anderson must have feared the worst when another nick was going straight to Cook. Luckily Bairstow dived across to stop any further calamity.


Let’s get Jimmy back in the attack eh.


Bring back Jennings!


bring back ian bell. hameed looks to be getting back to form anyway. topscored with 88, was 10* off 115 balls at one point. GRITTY.


Some of the balls that Stokes delivered today were unreal.


Completely unplayable. Love it when a bowler hits a spell like that.


he’s weird, he either doesn’t swing it at all or swings it bloody miles. almost nothing in between.


Bit like the one Jason Holder’s on now :roll_eyes:


Can’t help but feel that Jimmy is unnecessarily milking the 500th Wicket thing now.


Not really been following this series but saw during the first test Vaughan saying Windies should have to play in a lower division. What has happened since then, they don’t seem that bad.


They were tosh in the first game tbf, and the idea is (i think) that you’d have 2 divisions, more teams playing test matches, they’d be more competitive and promotion and relegation so if they proved too good for Ireland, Zimbabwe etc. they’d be back in the top tier.

The problem is cricket’s so dominated by 3 markets that any team unable to play against those 3 could be completely screwed


The conditions have not helped here but has anyone got a clue about positions 2, 3, & 5 in this line-up for the ashes?

At this stage I do think picking names out of a hat would be a decent option


I don’t really understand cricket batting orders bar the good explanation upthread. Where do Stokes, Bairstow, Ali and Woakes generally play and why?

Hameed had a pretty interesting innings the other day. Not going to chuck him in for an overseas Ashes are they, but maybe the longterm option at 2?


Hameed not having a great start to summer really put a spanner in works as looked the part in India. Worth taking him on trip though

How many games is realistically enough to make a decision on a player? I’m thinking they will move on from Westley


I don’t want to be all Marckee about it, but the wiki article might be pretty useful:

England bat quite a long way down the order though, with the four players you mentioned occupying positions 6-9 respectively. Stokes, Bairstow and Ali possess the kind of attacking flair capable of taking the game away from the opposition over the course of one session. Woakes is a peculiar one: he bats at number 9 but his technique is quite orthodox. In England’s second innings at Headingley, he frustrated the opposition while Ali scored at c. a run a ball.

The problem England have is that they lack the opening batsmen with the patience and application to grind 70 runs in 30 overs for the loss of one wicket. Trott was one of the last players to possess that quality. Malan actually managed this in the last test, thus wearing out both the ball and the pace attack.

Personally, given the lack of batting options, I’d say that they could do worse than just sticking with the top 5 they’ve got for a few matches. Can’t be much fun going in to bat knowing that one mistake will get you dropped.