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Do England only play with one regular spin bowler then?


They tried partnering Ali with Liam Dawson earlier in the year, regarding Ali as the “second choice spinner”. But Dawson turned out to be shit.

Rashed sometimes gets a game alongside Ali but he can be expensive.

In summary: usually but not always.


If Woakes and the Swiss triangle are both fit i can see an argument for playing them both instead of Malan, if there’s no one better in the middle order. they can both add at least as much as he has been.


Depends on the pitch and where in the world we’re playing.


Has Agnew repeated his calls for Woakes to open? Not the craziest idea I’ve ever heard the more I think about it.


What a reprieve for Stokesy there.




Ohhhhh Jimmy Jimmy!


Goodbye blowers! :sleepy:


Best toff.


Jimmy Anderson has got to be the most underappreciated man in British sport.

Talking to some mates who don’t watch cricket yesterday and they didn’t have a clue who he was. He’s a good looking Chap and should be a huge superstar. Myths me how everybody doesn’t know who he is.

To sum it up he’s 200-1 to be sports personality of the year #ManCrush


I think he’d be alright with that though no? He’s quite a modest humble sportsman, not many of them left these days. Hope he doesn’t do a Scholes when he retires.


Not wanting to make this the cycling thread but the other very underappreciated elite british sportsman is about to do a vuelta-tour double. SPOTY would be completely wrapped up if he had daft hair and loved Paul weller


Yeah. Agreed he has quite modest, humble and hardworking and maybe partly a decision on his part. Just find it odd that probably our best cricketer of all time isn’t celebrated more…


If he’d gotten absolutely shit faced on an open top bus, he probably would be…


Think he’s a victim of not being able to watch cricket other than the highlights on channel 5.

People who watch the news just see scores and wickets fall and think it happens easily.


Arguably the best bowler… he can’t bat for shit tbf.


Not a bad effort from a number 11 to get himself on this list tbf:


<3 Richie Richardson.


right then. to play most test matches for england

  • stoneman
  • jennings
  • westley
  • malan

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