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Keats purely on age so likely to ride the merry go round another couple of times over the next 5 years or so


The problem is that there are lots of superb middle order and opening English batters with a pedigree of success at international level to choose from but they, tragically, don’t have external genetalia.


urgh. didn;t think of that.


This is good :grinning:


Great stuff:

“He’ll need a phone book!”
“He’s running out of pages!”

“Bah God, that’s Chadwick Walton’s music!” (maybe).


Flipping his bat over at the end, absolute genius.


4 4nb 6 4



Properly camped up in Williams’ head :camping:


Chris Gayle is NOT fucking about


He may have slightly been fucking about with that run though


Well, the 2016 title chase is being rerun in 2017 as a relegation scrap. Hoping for a different outcome this time.


You can upvote and downvote the commentary on the BBC live text now. Why on earth would they bother to implement that?


The rain’s gonna fuck this up until 5pm innit.


I’ve been upvoting every time that Warwickshire lose a wicket, and it doesn’t seem to make them any more regular.


Thinking of buying that england odi top (make sure everyone knows I’m English when at the ashes)

But it’s like 60 quid hmmm.


I went through and downvoted every Michael Vaughan TMS comment during the last ODI.


This is very tempting.


You want to be careful doing that, you’ll end up with RSI


Bloody wish that was the case. Think they’re edging their way to a defendable total here.


It is very nice though.