A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



They should’ve held this ODI in London where I live and where it is currently not raining.


You heartless bastards, England.



I’d be more worried about the rain than losing wickets. Warwickshire have been dire this year (admittedly mainly with the bat, but very few bright spots)


But the lead is already creeping upto 150. Patel was getting turn in the first innings, and they’re not going to be ideal batting conditions. It’s going to be a tricky chase if its anything approaching 200. At 250 I’d make Warwickshire favourites.


A couple of interesting thoughts in here.



INDvAUS currently on skysports mix (ch. 121)

Virat played a classy af innings - his last 6 innings in ODI’s: 99, 96*, 94, 92, 91, 91
Pandya nearly got killed
BUMRAH hits his first boundary in 48 matches
Dhoni with a sick stumping

Indian crowd going nuts


Aussies have prob got this

India need to get Smith out asap


I get that, but 200 is a long way off, 250 even further. This is a team who’ve won 1 and lost 8, and are basically down. Haven’t even got Barker for this game!


That would have been a brilliantly weird run of 90s, but I’m fairly sure that isn’t his last 6 innings.

Does Ashwin not make the ODI team any more? Or is he just too busy playing county cricket? Pretty terrifying if he’s not in the first 11.


ah, yep, I totally misread that stat…

They’re trying Kuldeep and chahal spin duo at the moment for some reason. Ashwin/ Jadeja are the first options, but being ‘rested’ for …reasons…


Yeah, that’s just a list of all the ODI innings where he’s made between 90 and 99



But Warwickshire’s top scorer from the first innings is at the crease, and the third top scorer is just coming in. Added nearly 70 for the last 2 wickets in the first innings, I still think a 150 chase isn’t a gimme.


Woof Kuldeep hat-trick.


4th innings 200s are rarely a gimme, I just think you’re overestimating this warks team. They absolutely scraped their only win this year, confidence is shot when they get to the business end of things.

Anyway, time will tell. I’d still be very surprised if Yorkshire fail to win, weather allowing.


not world beating but hameed is averaging mid 40s since the mid season break, bit unfair to say “no form”. probably fair to say no fluency though, been proper slow going. think it’s illustrative that nicholas will talk up vince as an option and write off has when both are having underwhelming seasons, he loves a pretty drive. not sure about the #narrative that you need an attacking opener in aus. think the strength & fluency of our middle order leaves a space for another grinder at the top. irrelevant if hes injured, like.

do you think the selectors would let root pick ballance again if he wanted to? :grimacing:

it’s hard though innit, nobody jumping out to be picked.


what about this obscenity


175 to win for Yorkshire. Which should be a fascinating one to watch. No pressure on Warwickshire bowlers, the gig is up there, but Yorkshire batsmen know if we fail to knock this off, relegation looms very large.


He’s hit a 100 against team in the league or something?

Absolute killer


Former Hampshire captain of 10 years and one club man Mark Nicholas is talking up Hampshire’s James Vince? Next he’ll be saying Mason Crane is nailed on for a place in the… oh.

(I really like both Vince and Crane, so I kind of ought to shut up.)


Always been very underwhelmed with Nicholas as both commentator and journo. Seems to get by on narrative and big picture - which is lovely to bring to the table, but not at the expense of, y’know, analysis.