A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



aye, that’s the wrong tweet as well, he ended up making 164. played 13 innings, made 8 centuries & 2 fifties. :heart_eyes:


Stoinis has got his eye in good and proper…




He’s like the Anti-Flintoff as a commentator. Therefore he takes up an important position, and can stay.


aye, there’s that about it. gubbins is a bit of an odd one as well though, i haven’t heard his name much this year and he isn’t on the averages board on the bbc site. has he been injured?

i like vince a lot too tbf.


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Happy to provide validation for any future purchases m9.


As confidently predicted, Yorkshire are royally messing this run chase up.


Bloody hell. That is one heck of an opening hour’s play. Looks like Jeetan’s having a field day, as you predicted.


Yep. Have absolutely no idea what’s gone on this season. Started OK, but then have been utterly abject in all forms of the game since June/July.

Fisher and Patterson can both hold a bat, but it might be best in the long run if we got relegated with Warwickshire, then rebuild. It’s utterly baffling that this is most of the side that dominantly won two titles in 2014/15, and only missed out on a third last season by a whisker. Jason Gillespie was obviously a much bigger factor than anyone thought at the time.


It’s similar over at Edgbaston (runners up to your lot 3 years ago!), but people saw it coming, to an extent. I don’t think people envisaged such a bad year, but we knew the stalwarts were getting on a bit, and the next crop were… bitty. But it’s been total collapse from the veterans, the odd Trott innings aside, and the youngsters just haven’t shown. Been great in the cups, but the last two years of county have been terrible. Glad Woakes has pushed on before dropping down a league - really think the slightly better level of div 1 has helped him up his game over 2014 and 2015.

Handy partnership from yer two men here though.


I guess Clarke buggering off to Surrey hasn’t helped either. He always used to be good for wickets/late order runs. In fact, it always seems to be the case against Warwickshire that its your lower order that gets more runs. Can think of occasions in recent years where Clarke/Barker/Patel/Ambrose have scored heavily, but not many of the top order doing so.

Which is exactly whats happened here. 49/6 at lunch on the first day and look at it now. These two are doing a great job, and if they do get us over the line, itll probably be enough to stay up, but we really need a clearout in the winter regardless.


Aye, and you can throw Woakes into that mix of lower order SOS packages as well. Must be one of the biggest contributors (%age wise of overall total) of 7-11 batsmen in the league, if not the biggest, over the last 3 years. Only thing that’s saved Warks from going down last year.

20 to go, looking like an escape for the home team here. Sounds like some poor batting earlier, bit of over aggression vs patel.


seems unfair that Jeetan’s double 4 byes is going to pretty much seal it, but there you go.

Good luck in your last game - if yorks hadn’t beaten warks at home, they wouldn’t have deserved to stay up!


Christ. Didn’t make that easy. Spent almost 2 overs on the tie, lost a wicket, then it started to look like we’d be off for rain. Those 8 byes in 2 balls were indeed critical.


@tricklenipple @doubleespresso I was at the ground on Wednesday to see the century. Got just a little tense on 88 with Overton putting the new ball at chest height. The pavilion were all eating our fists hoping nothing would go wrong but eventually he pushed on (with the help of 4 over throws) and made the hundred to applause from all corners. It’s been an absolute pleasure having him with Surrey this last couple of years. I will remember Wednesday as long as I live I think.

@kenako how do you guys feel about Sibley and his guaranteed spot at 3 no matter what? We liked him at Surrey but not enough to make absolute promises, especially at 3. I really think he might have bitten off more than he can chew.


Jeez, Surrey 2 down early on chasing a modest total to beat Somerset. If Sangakkara were to go cheaply (yeah right), a Somerset win would leave 5 teams on 140-145 pts with one relegation spot to play for next week.




Sanga seems to really like surrey by all accounts. Ravi Ashwin is apparently having a cracking time in Worcs as well - saw a pic of him with his fam in a pub playing darts :slight_smile:


We made Sangakkarra life time member yesterday. He’s a really smart man so I hope we’re offering to help with his coaching career if he wants one. Otherwise he should go into politics but I think he’d be wonderful.