A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



Can’t wait for his 3-not much with the off spin as well.


Sounds good


Yeah… Sorry moeen


Booo I wanted to see a game.


Glos play most of their games in Bristol


Just watched that run out. Has Gayle got a gammy knee or something? (Or just showing his age)


Dodgy hamstring. Also he’s a lazy old sod.


Cricinfo seems to be broken. Has it down that Sangakkara got out for 14.


Yorkshire now safe. Hoping Somerset can pull off their escape now.

Middlesex/Hants down with Worcestershire/Northants coming up would make div 1 much more likeable next season.


Hants? Can’t decide if you’ve typo’d in warks and you dislike warks, or you’ve had a brainmelt and put hants in.

Or I’ve missed something glorious.


No sorry, I meant either of Middlesex or Hants going down will increase div 1’s likeability. I’d probably just about favour Hants to stay up. I actually quite like Warks.

Middlesex 15/3 now. Lovely. Sounds like the pitch at Taunton is taking just a little bit of turn.


ah I see, fair enough. Be one hell of a turnaround for Middlesex, champions to relegated. Selfishly, I’d prefer middlesex to go down, as it allows the possibility of going to Lords to see the bears.


Great, then we can agree on Middlesex down. Will forward that to the ECB.


Although poetic justice would send Hants down after last season’s escape, as a native I’d hate to see that. Equally, as my old man is a Middx man, I’d hate to see them go down.

I can’t wait to be retired and spend my entire summer just watching cricket. What a fucking magnificent lifestyle.



Middlesex crying about the pitch at Taunton. If the ECB dock Somerset points over it to keep Middlesex up I will not be happy.


Going to pretty hard for them to do so considering somerset got 236 first innings over 85 overs though isn’t it? If there’s less than 150 runs scored in the rest of the game, maybe they’ll have an argument, but it’s not a good look to be moaning about a pitch at the end of day one when you’re 200 behind.


Yep, and these two have settled down a bit now. Pitch inspectors need to be heading to Grace Road now. Or Edgbaston. They’re busy this morning!


I think the, er… fixture inspectors need to heading out instead, they appear to be playing county cricket a few days short of October. Batting conditions unlikely to be ideal.


It’s RIDICULOUS isn’t it.