A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



Pretty sure I played a match in October once. On an ooncoovered weekeet. Superb batting conditions.


Got another misconduct point? Or something worse?


New ICC anti-twat with shit tattoos legislation? It’ll stop Dernbach ever being picked again so I’m all for it.


Sounds like it involves Hales too. Doesn’t he have a load of shit tattoos as well?


First they came for the shit tattoos, and I did not speak out…

(Lots of terrible tattoo sleeve/ fuckboi haircuts combos around in county cricket now, a line must be drawn)


OK, time for some wild and possibly libelous speculation on why he was nicked.


Pissed up and got in a fight (4-1 ON odds)


Seen taking a rake to the pitch at Taunton


This appears to be the incredibly boring truth. Won’t even be up in court either, released without charge.


I’m disappointed in myself tbh


I wonder if it started because he upset someone in an Indian restuarant by repeatedly swearing during a phone conversation?


Hampshire are in kind of the flipside of the situation yorkshire were in - if they can make 350 and win in 3 days when the chips are down, they deserve to stay up.

Sibley doing well today @asita


Don’t think they need to do that much. I think they only need 7 points from the fixture, so 3 bowling and a draw is good enough.


ahhhhh I misinterpreted what I read - it said Hampshire need to win, make 350 and bowl warks out in 110 overs to stay up - but I think that’s just to guarantee they stay up regardless of other results.

Thought it was a bit different to what I’d previously thought the various teams needed!


Kinda hoping David Warner was in the area but playing in the India series innit


It’s quite confusing. I think that’s what they’d have needed to guarantee being above Somerset, but then if Somerset win, Middlesex won’t get many points, so in reality its less to avoid relegation. I think!


Marlon Samuels saluting as Stokes is put in the back of the police van.


I hear he punched a rather heavy set lady in the face, who gave her name as Marlene Samöelles

He might actually get done for ABH


He was in Mbargo. Needs arresting just for that.

In exciting pitch based chat, the pitch inspector that is at Taunton as Middlesex had a cry was supposed to announce his decision at close of play today. Has now decided to wait until the end of the game. Meaning that even if Somerset win, they can’t celebrate safety until the ECB press release comes along.

Oh, and on this “dodgy” pitch, Somerset made the highest first innings total in this round of games in division 1, and are currently making a decent fist of their second innings. If they get docked points here it will be an utter farce.


yeah, I don’t think there’s any real chance of it happening. It’s cricket in autumn for heaven’s sake (although the spin dominating is slightly contrary to that), and the scores have been decent enough.

Well. High enough.