A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



I really hope not. But the fact that even if there is no deduction we won’t know for certain at the end of the match who has gone down is bad enough (assuming Somerset win).

Notts currently doing their very best to stuff up promotion.


I can’t believe that in this disaster of a season, my own sodding team is going to win and deny me a trip to Lords to watch them next year. The one time I don’t mind them losing.



Hah. Although I think if Warks win then its Hampshire that go down. I think…

Being as Yorkshire are getting a thumping at Essex, that 8th wicket partnership last week has saved us from relegation. But after narrowly failing to drag us down with you, you now have Hants in your grasp!


yeah that’s what I mean - I want Middlesex to go down so i can go to a county championship game at Lords to watch warks next years. But it looks like we’ll do in Hants, which will save Middlesex (I think?)

It IS nice to directly take a team down with you though.


Ah yeah, of course. But its when teams are 7 down that you let them have a few easy runs, so should be looking at parity on first innings!


So, Vic Marks is predicting recalls for James Vince and Balance, along with Crane, Craig Overton and Ben Foakes.

I saw Foakes earlier this summer and he looked assured with both bat and gloves, don’t know much about Overton, but his numbers are good this summer. Vince would appear to be earmarked for three and then a shoot-out between Ballance and Malan for 5?


Foakes, Woakes, Stokes…

I wonder how Sam Vokes is with a bat or ball in his hand…?


Foakes is a must, I think. Probably good enough to be picked as a specialist batsman, and may end up playing as one the way things are going. I’d be surprised to see Vince again, he hasn’t done that much to convince in the CC this summer, unlike Ballance. I do like him though, so I wouldn’t mind. I think they will (and should) go for Rashid over Crane, too early for him.

Doubt there will be many bolters, if any, but maybe Joe Clarke or Jack Leach from Worcs, and Jamie Porter must have a chance after the last few seasons. I think they said no surprises though, so perhaps not.


*Joe Leach


They had a leak of the squad a couple of hours ago, but i think it’s official now.

(for ease of reference)
Joe Root (capt)
Alastair Cook
Mark Stoneman
Dawid Malan
Gary Ballance
James Vince
Ben Stokes
Jonny Bairstow (wk)
Ben Foakes (wk)
Moeen Ali
Chris Woakes
Stuart Broad
James Anderson
Jake Ball
Mason Crane
Craig Overton


I think it’s a shame they’ve given up on Buttler (unless he’s injured/withdrawn from tests, and I missed that whilst I was away).

I’m more pessimistic for this series than any Ashes series since 2005. Lots of questions, and I think this tour will be the end of the road (and an unpleasant finish with averages in the 40s) for Anderson and possibly Broad.

Main hope is that a couple of new players stand up, and a couple of the established players have really good series.


Best 11?

Alastair Cook
Mark Stoneman
Dawid Malan (hmmm)
Joe Root (capt)
Ben Stokes
Jonny Bairstow (wk)
Moeen Ali
Chris Woakes
Stuart Broad
James Anderson

plus one from

Jake Ball
Mason Crane
Craig Overton

I’m so annoyed about Ballance being in AGAIN. Can you imagine him at the WACA.


9 of the 11 pick themselves. Cook, Stoneman, Root, Stokes, Bairstow, Ali, Woakes, Broad, Anderson.

Then it’s any 2 of the batsmen to make up the numbers. Take your pick really, they’ll all get out for a scratchy 13 in every single innings.



Really didn’t want to put Malan in there but can’t see how Vince is going to be any better than Westley and if Ballance is picked then Starc will just bowl full and straight and he’ll be on his way. I like Jake Ball and think his bowling style could be suited to Aus pitches but I thought five seamers was overkill.


Pretty sure Andersen averaged almost 44 in the last series down there aand that would have been almost 55 had it not been for a 4-67 in the first innings at Melbourne. Can’t see him not finishing his career in the UK though; injuries notwithstanding.


Stokes has broken his hand…


What a fucking plum
it’s not just them, but why are all decent English all rounders big drunk numpties?


It’s night on impossible to second guess.

Can’t see Foakes getting a bat unless Bairstow gets crocked, Root just isn’t going to bat at 3 and they’d be beyond mad to stick Ballance back in there - which leaves Vince or Malan at first down.

Neither of which particularly inspires any great degree of confidence.


But that’s exactly what’s going to happen.


The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get to see Ballance in there again. The Aussies will be licking their lips. He’s failed over and over again, his average has fallen every single test he’s played (bar one) since April 15, on his last tour (to Bangladesh) he averaged 6, and generally just look at the fucking state of this.