A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



I’d agree if there were others waiting in line, but given that there aren’t, having a player who’s averaged 78 over an entire county summer (the highest for an England qualified player) as a standby option seems fine by me.

It says something for the paucity of other options that he keeps getting back in mind.


He can’t do it against high quality bowling though, and everyone knows he can’t play accurate short bowling at 85+ mph. I’d far rather have Hameed, even if he’s had an iffy (at best) summer. Collingwood has a better average than Vince this year if you go down the county averages route.

All in favour of more seamers - just takes a nice 5 session innings by Aus batsmen to flog a couple of our bowlers into injury, especially with back to back tests*. I think when you’re taking Bairstow, Ali, Stokes (…) and Woakes, you can go with 3 extra bowlers. 4 batsmen plus those 4 should be enough? Just think you need to keep bowlers as fresh as possible with Oz weather, kookaburra ball, and some of those pitches.

Anderson and Broad may have gone for 40 averages before, but they’re both older now, and better bowling back up. I think at least one of them will wind up with a bad injury, which could be the end especially if combined with lacklustre figures.

*haven’t checked if there are any b-t-b tests, but I assume there’ll be at least 2 lots.


I wouldn’t disagree with that, and if the decision was to change the balance of the squad to take an extra bowler, then I’d probably think thats a good idea for the reasons you outlined.

If that spot is destined for a batsman though, I still think he’s just about the best squad option. Given the chat about Root batting at 3, but doesn’t because he doesn’t want to, I think Ballance has been unfortunate to be bunted in at 3 whenever he’s got in the England side, which is not where he wants to bat. But when you’re last pick, you go where they tell you. Now he’s in the squad, I’d like him to get a couple of digs in warm up matches coming in at 5.


Stokes is pretty much exactly like you’d think he would be. Ft. a shit tattoo session bit where he divulges he has tattooed a ‘poem from a drake song’



I’m not sure exactly how this could have been worse.

Hameed has scratched around in the county season but if you remember some of his England innings, he’s proved he’s got what it takes at international level.

Ballance has done well in the county season but proven that he categorically does not have what it takes at international level.

Am I missing something obvious?


stokes, foakes and woakes


A team 3 down for not much. Gary Ballance striding out to bat. To see a preview of this winter, look to Chelmsford right now.




WTF?!? Out to a full straight one?

It’s going to be a long winter.


From twathead Vaughan:

I just can’t fathom Mason Crane’s inclusion in the Ashes squad. I just look at the spin department and you have to go with the best spinner or with the best all-round package. And that would have been Liam Dawson

Let me guess, his management company represents Dawson as well?


Apparently not…but Mason Crane is. I stand massively corrected. Sorry twathead.



Scored more than Vince and Malan put together in their most recent innings’ so a shoo in for the team now I reckon


Oh Yorkshire…




woh. not handbags. can’t see him playing this winter.


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