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what a bastard


May well be one of those things where the existence of the video results in a much bigger ban, despite it being pretty much exactly what you’d imagine when you already know Stokes broke his finger and the other guy’s face. It kinda helps that it shows the non-Stokes group attacking first, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets banned for 6 months or something.


Is it time yet to get a non stokes ashes XI at the ready?


First 20s or so could be justified as self defence. After that the lad is walking away from him, not throwing punches and stokes’ mates are trying to pull him away and he sparks him. People die from stuff like that and theres absolutely no justification for it.


Yeah, its the punches towards the end that are what will do for him.


Bit bored so I’ll have a stab

Jim bob

Only moved our captain, changed keeper, moved magic Mo and brought in Plunkett to replace Stokes. Happy with this


Whats the likelihood of a rainy Australian summer?


Oh don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t justifying him at all, just saying what the video showed was pretty much what I’d envisaged. I’d ban him for 6 months or so. Doubt he’ll see jail time.


Somerset on the brink of victory. So we’ll either get Hants relegated a year after they should have been, or Middlesex getting relegated the year after being champions. Bit 2002 that.


Weather looks ok in brum, so at least it hopefully won’t come down to a rain draw


Are you missing the guy trying to bottle them right at the start?

Take VC off him for good and curfew players in Oz and get on with it.


He’s being charged with ABH, and the blows that (appear to have) caused that side of it resulted from punches he didn’t really need to make. You can’t just slap him on the wrist and say ‘no beers for you for a few months!’ The bloke who started it (or whatever) isn’t a representative of the ECB.


So no wiggle room there at all no? I agree maybe he didn’t “need to make” the final blows but I think you’ve got to concede that it’s not always that straightforward in the heat of the moment. Coupled with the fact that we don’t know what else has happened before the video starts or what the other guys are being charged with. I agree it can’t just be brushed under the rug, but your prescription of a 6 month ban is way OTT imo.


I think he’ll be lucky to get off with 6 months and no jail time.


Depends what you mean by wiggle room. Stokes has previous behavioural issues, he’s got to learn not to put himself in these situations, especially as vice captain. This isn’t freddie getting boozed up and falling off a pedalo daft drunk. Provoked or not, he’s violently attacked and hospitalised someone, and the video showing him taking it to the other guy when he’s backing off is damning.

A 6 month ban is only the Australia and New Zealand tours, I’m not saying lock him up and throw away the key. The ECB has to make a statement imo - you want to represent England, you have to behave on and off the pitch.

I doubt he’ll get jail time, combination of lack of previous offences (that I know of) and good lawyers.


But enough about Stokes, the pitch inspector at Taunton has deemed it below average

"I’ve marked the pitch below average for excessive spin on days one and two.
Days one and two it [the bounce] was fine, the odd one from the spinners on day three might have kept a bit low, but at no stage was there any thought of any unevenness.
The criteria says it’s not how it looks, it’s how it plays.
In my opinion and other people I’ve asked for their opinion, we’ve come to the same conclusion that it’s excessive turn.
There’s going to be an investigation tomorrow.
Phil Whitticase, another CLO comes in, he’ll conduct an investigation and he will go through my findings and speak to both umpires, both captains and the groundstaff.
He could downgrade it, he could upgrade it, that’s entirely up to him. He looks at the evidence and he makes his own call."

This completely stinks. Somerset batted twice on it without problem. Just because Middlesex were bobbins. I don’t know whether it being marked below average is enough for a points deduction, but if it is, then the ECB can completely do one.


Can’t even go round punching people in the face on a high street without the PC police sticking their oar in


Apparently won’t be deducted points for below average. Which is something.


It’s not enough for a deduction as it is at the moment, so he’d have to downgrade it further to lose points, right? I’d still be surprised if it resulted in a points deduction.

When I saw it had been graded as below average, I thought that was a, hmmm, convenient grading - not severe enough to lose Somerset any points (which I think would be ridiculous), but also doesn’t portray Middlesex as overly sore losers.


The fact that they’ll do the investigation, most of which is presumably already done, after the game at Edgbaston finishes does rather make it look like a stitch up to save Middlesex.