A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



Just realised the guy in black who sticks the foot in on the lad on the floor is Hales. Fuck him an all.


Jeez. Ban on sleeve tattoos after all then


white trainers too… urgh…


Why can’t Stokes have an early night with a crossword puzzle and Ballance be the one who goes beating people up at 2am? Arggh.


I heard if you put a stake through the heart of jade dernbach then all the sleeve tatters he’s sired go back to being people?


Coming from Piers ‘shitcunt’ Morgan probably rubbish, and if true doesnt excuse what looks like him going on the offensive later in the vid…


Ben Stokes’s Dracula?



I’ll allow it


Kick (and Stamp and Punch) Homophobia Out Of Sport.


love a good full toss taking out the top of off.


Why on the BBC scorecards do they put mins before balls? Who thinks it is more important to look at minutes before balls? It’s extremely confusing


i’ve been finding that with scorecards in general of late. …well, not specifically that, but strange orders.


I have convinced the TV that when it says WASP on the sky scoreboard it stands for “weirdly accurate score predictor”


So glad someone else has picked up on this, been doing my nut for ages


So. Guess which ex England cricketer I saw this afternoon in the Ashford “flip out” children’s trampolining venue?


Ben Stokes?


That would be fun but no. Did score a double ton for England once though.


Graham Thorpe.


Rob Key?