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Big Nasser Hussain?
Second vote for BIG ROB KEY


jonathon trott




BIG Ian Bell


Vince Wells?


We have a :1st_place_medal: winner!
Rob key with some kids (I assume his)


he had the keys,

he had the secrets?


Alistair Cookie Collective?('Kin 'ell CCB)


If I didn’t know better I’d say this was a euphemism.


A nine team test championship where each team plays six series, three home and three away. How do they schedule that? I’d take India, Australia and Pakistan over here, thank you very much.

I like the idea of a test championship, but home advantage is huge, surely?


As long as it switches each time, like six nations. Interested to see how it pans out! Main concern would be weather issues for the one off games


that sounds like American Football logic to me. I suppose. So is this just going to be test cricket now? as in will all matches contribute to it and then whoever is ranked best every two years heads off to a final? I can get behind that, although home advantage is going to be huge on those finals, unless they are held neutrally.
… and yeah, no playing the final at Edgbaston or Old Trafford!


American Football?!?! It’s Six Nations logic, ya flamin gallah! Although I think you play the final at whichever country finished top of the league, which is a bit NFL.

Regardless, I think the ICC needs to independently (and I’ve got vague hopes for this, certainly more so than 2 years ago) take control of international fixtures. Leaving it up to each country has resulted in far too much cricket, and a money now mentality rather than ensuring the best future for the game. Personally, I think all series should be 3 or 4 test matches. I find it ridiculous that the second tier test nations are expected to be able to improve playing 2 match series.

Not sure about ODIs and 20/20s - could either go for equivalent number of test matches OR do a tri-series in between the two test series (when possible), featuring the 3 nations involved in the two test series.


you also don’t play everyone in the competition, which is similar to the NFL rotation.

yeah, that sounds like good logic. As I’ve said before, I’d like a better way to distribute the wealth, so you don’t get the poorer nations being screwed over by T20 competitions etc. cna’t see that happening anytime before the global revolution, though.


Just hold the final in the UAE. That’s yer weather and neutrality sorted.


hold it in the UAE and we might as well award the winner at the toss.


Oh I see, aye, probably is a better comparison then!


Brave Black Caps rinsing the West Indies:

Tactic at home: give ball to Wagner. Wagner bowls short. Opposition all get caught hooking. Repeat.
Notable incident: Sunil Ambris is out first ball, on his debut…hit wicket.


Good to see the honourary Essex boy doing so well.


what a boyy

holder getting back to that yorker <333 :eggplant::eggplant: