A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗

Yep. Middlesex 270 ao. Lyth and Lees are capable of scoring very quickly, but haven’t done it enough this season. If ever there was a time for an opening century stand in about 30 overs, this is it.

I’m finding it really hard to know what to wish for. I guess I need Yorkshire to make a total but not more than 350, and ideally as slowly as possible.

Somerset are bowling maidens at the moment.

It’s brilliant isn’t it. I think your analysis is about right though.

Just thought of a not entirely inconceivable scenario. Lets say Notts collapse in a heap, and Yorkshire aren’t scoring quickly, but not losing wickets on a tricky pitch against good bowling. Middlesex would then see Somerset getting into a winning position, whereas time would be slipping away at Lords. Could they then send up some buffet bowling to allow Yorkshire to up the run rate to allow a declaration at 350, Yorkshire do similar, and Middlsex set a target for Yorkshire to chase, with the title on the line.

Would be grossly unfair on Somerset, but given the title is on the line, I don’t think you could argue that either Middlesex or Yorkshire’s actions in that scenario were not designed with getting a positive result for themselves in mind, which is normally what gets legislators intrerested.

It’s very plausible. We could well get to a point where it suits Middlesex and Yorkshire to turn it into a shoot out. Having said that, it looks like Middlesex are going to settle this themselves. Yorkshire are out of recognised batsmen!

Yorkshires top order has been very flaky this season. Been bailed out far too many times by the lower order.

is that why they played almost exclusively a bottom order?

Glad to hear it! Really want you to limp through for the draw.

Yep. Looks like we’ve settled down now we’ve got the Bresnanwatchmen out of the way

This day has been incredible. Yorkshire have given up 3 top order batsmen for ducks but their allrounder and keeper have steadied the ship. Somerset have smashed Nottinghamshire but have declined the follow on. Warwickshire have come back from a low first innings total to bowl Lancashire for and even lower total, but also haven’t enforced the follow on. This leaves Lancashire perilously placed for the drop with Hampshire taking maximum points against Durham and looking set to escape relegation after looking doomed all season long.

Amazing scenes.

The follow on is really out of fashion, huh. I don’t understand why Somerset haven’t enforced it. It lets the weather potentially come in to play, and while the forecast is generally OK, there’s always the possibility that the forecast is wrong, or that there might be bad light. They have to win this game, and they should be looking to wrap it up as soon as possible. Realistically, what is the likelihood that a relegated team that your spinners just bowled out for 130 is now going to smash 500 in the second innings?

What a fantastic days cricket. Excitement at both ends of the table. Somerset clearly in the box seat, but if Yorkshire get to 350 tomorrow morning, then I’d say Yorkshire become favourites, as Middlesex would have to throw caution to the wind to force a win with Somerset winning, which could play into yorkshires hands, as we’d have a decent first innings lead in the event of getting the 350.

If Somerset hadn’t got past 350 I’d be feeling a lot more confident now.

I watched a live game of cricket for the first time the other day. Just an amateur thing on a village green. Best bit was when one of the older players went flying with a tray of orange juices he was carrying to the players on the pitch.

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There’s something on BBC sport about some guy kicking the ball away from his own stumps. Ummm… what happened as a result of that?

You can kick the ball if you want


Such a great end to the season, even if Warwickshire are deeeep in it. Chances of doing a Birmingham City, and getting relegated with the cup are far too high for my liking.

Luckily the weather looks OK, and hopefully Patel on a 4th dayer will prove the difference (need to get to that 4th day mind). Hampshire are just amazing really, the great escape AGAIN. Shame non of the safe/out of it teams are providing any real competition.

What happens if Yorkshire make 350-399 in their first innings (or within the overs) and both they and Somerset go on to win? Apologies if already mentioned in thread, I had a look but just got the sense that Yorkshire would win if level on points - is that due to head to head, or more bowling points (as I think it used to be?) ? Amazing if it came down to a point here or there, so many situations where a point can be picked up on the slimmest of margins.

Shame there’s been so many draws again this year though. I wonder if the day-night stuff goes ahead they’ll start playing like 120 overs/day, and then reduce overs on the 4th if they’ve been getting them in.

'mon the Hampshire!

If Yorkshire make 350-399 and both win, Yorkshire would win the title by a point. If Yorkshire make 300-349 and both win, then Yorkshire and Somerset would be even, but Somerset win the title due to fewest losses (countback is points, most wins, fewest losses)

Oof. Imagine losing the title on fewest losses.

Somerset have come second in the Championship 3 times but never won. Yorkshire have won the Championship 33 times. I feel like if they lose on fewest losses they can do it with grace. Or they can lump it :wink: