A Critical Reappraisal of Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill 23 years on



always had a soft spot for ‘Thank U’

in fact, I listened to it a couple of times only two days ago

listened to it over and over when it came out, just after my pet rabbit died and I was in pet mourning, so it’s got those pet grief feels


I didn’t own it at university but loads of people did. I never really got into it. I mean the tracks were decent but it always felt a bit ‘US corporate rock’ for me, I think. You Oughta Know was good for dancing around too in the Indie clubs, though.

I feel like it’s probably better than I thought, though. Maybe I should listen to it.


Listening to it now. I actually don’t think I ever actually listened to it before as an album.

I’m actually a bit sad how little it’s doing for me. Don’t hate it I’m still just indifferent. I guess it’s from a time when that kind of “a rock song, a ballad, a rock song, a fast ballad, a ballad…” type of album was big and actually I find a lot of those pall for me now.

Anyway, when it’s good it’s still good although One Hand in my Pocket seems to have aged best while You Oughta Know feels much less BIG and loud and angry than I recall back when it came out. I guess we’ve all heard LOUD albums since then.


I can see that it’s an of its time album but it was great at that time. I remember in 2002 having not listened to it in years, driving back from York in the middle of the night and keeping myself awake on the M42 at 2am singing along to every song at full volume. great time. Still spin it from time to time, although I mess the words up more these days.


Sounds like you’ve delved quite far there already Gimli son of Gloin


How so?


Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon liked it on ‘The Trip to Italy’.


shut up


Can’t wait for the 27 year anniversary


All about the delving, me.


I’d definitely have it in my top 5 Alanis Morissette albums.


Beats by Hawkins (not Jim).

IIRC Grohl said he wanted to ‘rescue’ this obviously great drummer from just playing standard beats, let him flourish among the Foos.

I still like JLP and a handful of songs from Under Rug Swept.


I’m not sure I could ever listen to it in full again. You Oughta Know is still a pretty decent tune, as are One Hand In My Pocket and You Learn. Ironic will never stop being a complete travesty, though.


Yeeeeah… but it takes me back to a place and time (1996, summer) more strongly than most songs do. I dunno - I like hearing it from time to time.

Don’t know why but I ended up on Alanis’s instagram page a while back. Looks like she has a nice life and is very happy. Fair play to that.


Knew/kinda liked all the singles in the 90’s but never listened to the album. Saw her headlining at some Waitrose-esque festival this summer so fired it up in its entirety - don’t feel like I missed out on any deep cuts.

Great hooks, awful 90s production, parental guidance sticker… C+


good album. great memories


this and Breakfast at Tiffanys, probably one of the very few summers i’ve ever enjoyed and so will always get nice nostalgia from them.


i’d say the same about One Hand but it always my favourite


Yeah funny thing music ain’t it - Breakfast at Tiffany’s is like nails down a blackboard for me!


I’m pretty sure Hawkins didn’t play on the album but did play on the tour.