A Dark Souls Thread for 2018



As much as I admire a no summoning policy it doesn’t make much sense if you’re not enjoying the bosses. As you say the hardest ones are there to challenge the people who want a super-rock-hard boss to tell everyone they beat solo - if you don’t care about the willy waving aspect get a sunbro in to give you a hand. And then maybe put your own sign down and help a few struggling souls through yourself. It’s a nice feeling.


I cannot this this enough. I get loads more out of dark souls seeing it as a cooperative venture


Anyone done the DS1 DLC? hit a wall with the last 2 bosses, but thats all I have left before Gwyn, so I can’t really leave and come back to them. Any advice?


Manus and Kalameet? Kalameet isn’t too bad, Manus is a fucker though. Happy to co-op depending on your level.


Yeah just managed Kalameet after about 40 tries. Manus is appalling, but ive been playing solo cause my xbox live has been fucking up a bit :frowning: How did you beat him first time?


Manus is one of those where I took off my trousers to do super agile rolls rather than messing about blocking as I found that was a stamina drain. I realise that dodging is a bit ‘git gud’ but what can ya do?


Never been to Cainhurst this early in a run before. It’s nails! Those sword-wielding servants are like supercharged ninjas.


Yeah, i’ve been fast rolling all game, I use my shield pretty sparingly cause the first souls game I played was II. He’s still mashing me atm though - he moves so fast it’s really hard to tell which attack he’s about to use, and if I roll the wrong way I lose half my health and fall over for a few seconds while he hits me again.


I didn’t have too much trouble with Manus as I recall, but Kalameet gave me absolute hell. Must be a playstyle thing. There’s an NPC summon near to the boss area regular sized Sif! if you need something to distract the massive abyssy bastard.


Yeah, I could only beat Manus by summoning Poochy.


Aye, I’m being very daft. When I think about it I’ve never really had the skills to beat the hard bosses easily, and the only reason I got past them was because I had the time and weird personality to attempt them 40+ times. Can’t do that now.


Hard to remember the first time but as already mentioned, fast roll is a must. I use the dark wood grain ring for extra i-frames and the wolf ring for poise so I can still block without getting stunlocked. Kindle the bonfire to 20 estus if you haven’t already. Make sure you only have estus and the silver pendant equipped in your items so you can flick between both as required.

I tend to avoid summoning Sif because although he provides an occasional distraction the health boost he gives to Manus makes the fight last a lot longer. If you do summon him, stay close beside him as Manus will be more likely to get his choice of target confused.


Yeah I’ve kindled. Can I get the dark wood grain ring offline, or do I need to actually take part in some covenant stuff first? And thanks for the silver pendant reminder, forgot that protects against dark.


You need to join the forest hunters covenant but you don’t need to level up in it. After you join there will be a couple of NPCs just outside. One is invisible, you need to kill him for the ring (The other NPC will also become hostile as soon as you attack either of them so be prepared). If you die you’ll have to go and have your sins forgiven before you can rejoin the covenant and get them to appear again.


Cool, thanks mate, I’ll give it a go.


Bought DS3 for a tenner in the sale last night, although it took several hours to download so not played it yet. Pretty excited to see what all the fuss is about. Been a very occasional gamer since my N64 days in the late 90s, but finally got a laptop with a decent graphics card. I guess this is going to be horrendously difficult for me.


It really is. Good luck! Might take a while to get into but it’s worth it. Have you got a game pad?


Cheers. One of the comments that really persuaded me to buy it (can’t remember if it was on here) was that it actually helps you take a more philosophical / pragmatic outlook on failure rather than just rage. I’ve got an old xbox controller.


That does help. Death is a part of the experience and a key part of both the games plot and atmosphere. But it’s not easy to remember that when you’ve lost 50,000 souls to a super easy enemy because you lost concentration for a second…


Yep. Each death should be treated as a learning experience rather than a failure. That’s a philosophy which applies more broadly to the series of learning through observation rather than spoon-feeding. e.g. you find a bunch of firebombs near a boss encounter - it’s probably weak to fire.