A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)


Took me a few summons to do it too as getting there via invaders and getting a good run isn’t all that easy either. One time I managed to somehow summon two people which made it LOADS easier, but I still did a fair bit of the fight myself.

Fatty is weak to lightning and Ornstein is weak to fire so if you have the appropriate resins that can give your damage a boost.

If you are summoning, it’s useful to let the summon know which one you want to attack first - the reward you receive is different depending who you choose thought it only matters if you are going for certain trophies.

Also, don’t know what console you’re on but

On switch, I’m afraid.

That’s a shame, I’ll just have to keep cheering from the sidelines.

Sounds like you’ve been unlucky with the people you’ve summoned. It’s a popular area for people like me who have completed the game 50 times to help out as there are always new players who need it and so there is very little hanging around waiting for the call.

Also, re:summoning - where are you summoning from? The best place is the bonfire inside the building where you bump into Solaire. Obviously not sure what it’s like on Switch but on PS4 the place is usually littered with signs if you are around level 50-60. There is also a sneaky shortcut which lets you get to the boss without having to fight anyone.

Don’t pick the first sign you see. Have a look at the summoners weapon and gear before you bring them in - having a sorcerer as a summon can be quite useful as they can pepper them with soul arrows while you just concentrate on not getting hit.

It can also sometimes give you an idea of how experienced they are - if they are rocking underpants and a massive hammer they probably know what they’re doing.

Lastly, don’t forget you can put your summon sign down to help other people too - that way you can earn souls and humanity while getting experience on the boss with zero risk to yourself.

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WHAT??? Please tell me this.

I assume @SuoTempore just means sprinting from that bonfire through the room with two knights which takes you to the corridor with the titanite demon room?

And jumping off the staircase at the right place to skip a couple of the knights as well?


What maggie says. Just recorded it for anyone interested


Huh, well I’ll be…

There are always so many orange messages around it saying ‘try jumping’ etc I assumed it was an open secret.

Oh blimey, didn’t know this.

Got a chance to have another proper few goes at lanky and fatty the other day. Got to second stage of the fight a couple of times but nowhere near progressing from there. Presumably because I was on switch during the day I also couldn’t see anyone to summon but computer guy. Running out of humanity now.

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In that shortcut video I have a shitload of humanity - it’s from putting my summon sign down and helping with the boss. Some of it is from invading too because it’s fun.

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Hilariously realised that I hadn’t even bought the orange soapstone when I tried to take on this advice - ho ho ho. Luckily managed to summon a couple of good lads (Marcus and Andy) and we took down those big sillies. Got my warp thingy now and at a loss what to try next - took a rather perfunctory stab at the Four Kings and got annihilated. Not sure what I still have to do or where to try next…


I think I did Painted World straight after Anor Londo, but after that it was New Londo first before the other 3 main areas. Really you can do them in any order, and if you’re struggling in one you can always take a break and go try another (except Painted World where you can’t leave until you get through it).

(Fwiw I did New Londo, then Duke’s, then Demon Ruins, then the Catacombs last before the DLC)

That said the 4 areas all correspond to specific builds, so it’s worth doing the appropriate one first to grab all the upgrade materials or spells that will suit you (e.g. the Very Large Ember in New Londo if you’re a straight up melee build). I got my weapon to +15 pretty much straight away and the game (almost) became trivial after that.

(Sorry meant to be a reply to you @shinymcshine)


I’ve done most of new londo I think and got the very large ember but I need some titanite chunks to get to +15. Poked my head into duke’s archives just there and got done by some bloke. Apparently that’s the best place to go if you are a magic build, but I am not. Probably plough away there for a while though. Then I think I’ll pick somewhere to try to get the chunks I need.

The Darkwraiths in New Londo drop chunks, sometimes slabs if you’re lucky. Make sure you have the CGS ring on if farming.

Much of Dukes is resistant to magic, the area is good for magic builds because you can pick up the most powerful spells in the game there.

The Kings are much harder than the bosses at the other areas you have available so you should explore.

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