A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)





Though I have a PS3 with it so I can still play it




I’ve been browsing through the vanilla Gaming Thread and been constantly disappointed by the complete lack of any Dark Souls chat (yeah, I know there are tags warding us away like incense burners). Looks like I totally forgot that this thread existed.

I got DSRemastered on PS4 on launch day and have been playing it since. Have completed it twice before on 360, but I barely use that machine so a copy on this gen was in order. It is a complete delight.

I kind of glad that they just give it a bit of oil on the wheels and a new lick of paint. I was half expecting them to go full DS3/Bloodborne clutter/pots/crates/statues/ornaments in every room. As satisfying as it is to go on a rolling spree through that sutff, I reckon it would have detected from the sparse and empty desolation that Dark Souls absolutely nails.

Anyways, started as a Deprived and got to the bell gargoyles without dying, which I was not expecting, and was astonished by the amount of summon signs outside the church in the parish, and around the ladders leading to the roof battle. The bell was ringing every 30 seconds or so. So many people playing it. Such a joy to behold. Anybody who is considering holding off buying it, i’d say just go for it. It’s such a different experience with so many players online. I got invaded about 6 times whilst human and helping others others out. That’s more in one sitting than I ever got invaded on the 360 in months.

Became a full sun bro and have been helping newbies with the bosses, and absolutely rinsing souls and sunlight medals. Leveled up in the covenant and got the Great Sunlight Spear. Decided to progress and did Lower Burg, the Depths and Darkroot in one sitting. It’s unbelievable how proficient you become at the game after prolonged playing, and it never leaves you. It’s like riding a bike. You don’t forget how to play it.

Stats-wise, i’m going Faith/Pyroamncy, which are classes i’ve never really dabbled in before, with a bit of strength for melee. +5 Reinforced Club. Breaking shields and poise all day.

I’ve also decided to do a nude run and not use any armour to keep things tense and interesting. Also plenty of opportunity for humour. I’ve started a chronicle of getting a screenshot of each NPC staring at my bum cheeks and sending the image to my mate (who doesn’t really get Dark Souls), with captions like “Mothersfuckers can’t get enough of this solid crease” and “You can’t handle how this bott-bott makes u feel” (those were for Petrus of Thorokund and Rhea of Thorolund respectively) Thanks to Oswald of Carims “arms open” stance, I managed to angle the camera so it looks like he’s grabbing my arse. Maybe you had to be there.

Anyways, I workied my way down through Blighttown (proper adult route down… none of this master key back door for scared children through New Londo). Glorious, glorious frame rate. Still absolutely hate those blow darts toxic bastards. Fuck those guys. It only takes 2 darts to get me toxic since i’m nude and have no defences. Was a good laugh swimming in the poison swamp at the bottom. So many purple mosses eaten and Estus drank. Helped out some newbs with Chaos Kellog Spider. She’s way easier than I remembered. Might go and do Catacombs and Darkroot Basin next, instead of Sens. Mix it up a bit.

What a game.

In other Soulsy news, I got platinum trophy on Bloodborne last week. Such a sense of achievement. What a weapon the whirligig is. It almost overtook Dark Souls for best From Software game, and then I played this remaster and remembered why that could never be the case. It is very close though.

My PSN name is bastfastard if anyone wants an add.

We’ll probably never play together because time zones, but I like looking at other people’s trophies and stuff, so go for it. I think i’m already friends with a couple of dudes from DiS anyways, and we have interacted zero times, but that’s what best friends are for.

Long post.



Ha sounds like you’re much more proficient at the game than I am! I was feeling pleased about having rung both bells but I died a fair few times doing it. Have done the moonlight butterfly too but now embarking on sen’s fortress and it feels like a REAL step up in difficult. Going for a Dex build and I’ve got an estoc +8 as my main weapon but it makes almost no damage to those snake head gits. I have to hit them each about ten times without getting hit once myself, it’s challenging!


Damn it I wasn’t planning on picking up the remaster any time soon (I still haven’t gotten round the the DS3 DLC yet!) but I got all misty eyed and nostalgic reading that. I’m gonna have to get it aren’t I?


Do it! Do it! Do it! :grinning:


The temptation to recreate my dex/faith Darkmoon Blade build and stalk newbies around as an onion headed assassin is strong I must admit.


This has so nearly convinced me to get involved. Dark Souls 1 has always been a very solitary experience for me, giddy at the idea of jolly cooperation


I really wouldn’t have considered myself proficient, but found myself at the bonfire between Parish and Sen’s with a grin on my face and human form still intact. Had a hairy moment in that Armoured Fang Boar gauntlet as I made the mad dash to get through the gate before the hollow soldier drops it, and got an arrow to the back just before it. Just just made it through. Almost wish there was a v-sign gesture I could poke back through the gate at the boar :smile:

After the gargoyles, rest assured I got my arse handed back to me many times when I become a cocky fucker. Lower Burg was tougher than I remembered. Those thieves gave me so much trouble for some reason. Capra Demon got me a handful of times too. Those dogs are just plain unfair.

Good luck with Sens! That does sound challenging. I’m guessing those snake dudes have got high resitance to thrust attack if your upgraded Estoc is only tickling them. If you’re going dex, there are a couple of decent slashy dex swords which might be more helpful? Killing the Undead Burg merchant gets you the Uchigatana which has a B scaling in dex.


Good thinking! :grinning:


You certainly are.


I spent a few hours putting my sign down outside the gargoyles and managed to get 18 sunlight medals. Insane.

Summon signs everywhere. Had more souls than I could spend. Didn’t want to level up too much as i’d level myself out of co-op for the area. Ended up buying shitloads of purple mosses and other useful items I knew i’d need in later areas. If only I could be so organised, forward-thinking and resourceful in my actual proper life.


Okay, so nobody asked for these, but here is the current state of my portfolio of images where I show my sweet, tight buttcrack to every NPC I meet. Note - this is obviously a work in progress, so if anybody has any requests, particular poses, NPCs etc, please let me know.


These are bringing me so much joy


My plus ten Uchigatana is my new best friend. So many things are susceptible to bled damage. Made short work of the snake people in sen’s fortress who had been giving me problems. Ticked off the iron golem and the hydra last night night as well as sif (poor sif!)


Oh and the asylum demon, first go and by myself, which I was very proud of (normally love the Co op but you can’t summon there).


Gah so psyched for this. Timed my holiday right over launch though. What a doofus.


Starting a second run through/character (so I can do Co op with a mate who is just starting). Going to do a mage build for the first time in ds1. Anyone got any hints and tips about playing as a sorcerer? Where do you find the best gear and spells?


I’ve heard a lot of people claiming that a sorcery build in DS is “easy mode”.

I would prefer to call it “fun mode”.

The second time I completed it was with a sorcery build, and it felt like a different game.

Homing Soulmass is your very best friend. Think it’s sold by the dude you find locked in a room in the Lower Burg, and later on by your man big hat who you rescue from Sens Fortress. The higher your intelligence stat, the more homing missiles you summon. I basically used that, Soul Arrow and Great Soul Arrow for much of the run. So satisfying not getting absolutely panned. You can keep a comfortable distance and deal damage as though you’re wielding an upgraded Zweihander.

I managed to solo Ornstein and Bellend without dying on my sorcery build.

Like I said… fun.