A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Make sure you cut off Seath’s tail when you get to him. The Moonlight Greatsword is great fun.


I still struggle with that Asylum Demon on the second visit.

Don’t know what it is but it always takes me at least 5 or 6 attempts. Those magic blasts take an absolute shitload of health, and it always seem to happen when I’m stood right in front of it with no time to get behind.

I seem to remember my first winning attempt consisted of circling around and only getting a stab in when it does the floaty bum-smash and leaves itself vulnerable. Took me about 10 minutes I was being so cautious.

In a similar vein, Demon Firesage down near Izalith can go and suck a fat one too. Same awful boss, but with added tree roots and arena clutter to prevent mobility.


Have never managed to do that. His big wide side-tentacles always get in my way and he turns too quickly. Maybe i’ll do it on this playthrough.

Might show Seath my bare arse whilst i’m at it.


He certainly has it coming. The absolute bastard.

The greatsword does a magic blast attack not unlike the master sword in Zelda LTTP which I always liked. On the 360 version I had a great battlemage build with that, Havels trousers, the crimson robes and mask of the sealer. I looked like some kind of cyborg plague doctor from the future. Can’t remember how effective it was but it looked great.


That sounds glorious


Just booting up on ps4 :grinning:


Hmmm having big issues with moving my character around. It’s very stuttery, especially if I try turning to run into the camera. Also often stop dead while trying to sprint forwards. Anyone else?


Nope, not at all, controller issue? Hope it clears up for you


Not sure. Controller is fine on rocket league… Will see again tomorrow I suppose… Fingers crossed!


Good luck! Hope it works for you!


Are you locked on? Asylum Demon is easier if you don’t lock on at all, I could never do it either before.

Have they fixed Capra in the remaster? He’s the one who always fucks me over. The dogs are bad enough, but in the original the camera keeps getting stuck in walls and behind trees.


Arrrggghhh so much Capra Demon rage.

Went in all confident with a massively over-levelled character (I was doing things out of order as I had the master-key on my mage run) and got stuck being hit by Demon and both dogs as soon as I got through the fog gate. Couldn’t roll or block just stuck being hit repeatedly until I died.

Credit to them that (as far as I recall) they learned from that and there’s no other boss in the series in such a stupidly constricted area.


You’ve rather stolen my thunder for my character ‘Pantsless Pete’…


Died first time. Did that silly long run-up and smashed that chump second time before co-oping for 30 mins after. Very satisfying


Some idiot went to Blighttown without repairing their scimitar didn’t they?


I was locked on for most of it, yeah. Was only unlocking when he was about to do his magic blast and needed to get the fuck away from him/try to get behind him.

Next time, I’ll try not locking on at all. Can see how that’ll make it easier. You’d be much more mobile and able to sprint in any direction. Can’t believe I hadn’t though of it sooner!


Nice move. I take it you haven’t bought the repair box or any power then? Good luck with that. Climbing back up out of Blighttown’s front entrance would be horrific :grin:


Pantsless Pete sounds like a complete legend tbh tbf.

I won’t be stealing any of your thunder, I have plenty of Lightning Spears.


EDIT: Screenshotz plz


Summoned my way through Q at the bottom of Blighttown as I was doing all of damage per hit with my mace. Turns out she’s bleed resistant… Working through Sen’s now. Seem to remember the lightning spear is good against snake bastards but can’t remmeber where you find it.


Downloaded Bloodborne :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: