A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Do you not use the bonfire in that little room inside the big cathedral thing? Much quicker. I spent days putting my summon sign down in there on my first run through. Great times.


Wait wut? I’ve always (n=2) used the firekeeper bonfire.


This room?


It’s up the stairs and off to the right of the big main hall. Great place to put your sign down and roll into some furniture until someone requests your help.


Also just nice to spend some quality time with our friend Solaire


Uh oh…


The switch announcement needs to hurry up now. Getting a bit ridiculous


Well fuuu - of course that’s way more sensible than where I’ve been running from


Best/worst invasion stories?

So I was at the bonfire in that little room in the sewers, the one with the ceiling full of evil falling goo outside. I was called away so I sat my guy down and went off to do whatever it is I needed to do. I come back about 45 minutes later to find my guy standing - a clear sign I’ve been invaded. Oh shit, I think. How am I alive? Have they just invaded? Are they having trouble finding me? I grab the pad and plan to scope out the situation and when I turn THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE DOORWAY.

Oh god. How long has they been watching me? What’s this weirdo’s game? I assume now they’ve seen me move that It’s On so I put up my shield ready for a scuffle. But instead they merrily wave at me. I put my shield down, confused. I wave back, wondering what the hell is going on. Then the invader drops an item for me, bows, and then leaves.

Titanite slab.

I love you mysterious invader, even if you do get off on watching non responsive players stand by bonfires.


What weapons do you tend to use? you can get a black knight sword or halberd to +3 or 4 before the end of anor londo, they’re pretty fast and will absolutely shred ornstein in 5 or 6 hits.


Theres a skip you can do too, you can turn and jump off the spiral staircase halfway up to skip the 3 silver knights on the way. (may have been patched out in remastered)


Invasion story- linked to the room pictured above.

My first playthrough I got to that room and had the chat with Solaire. De-salami-fied myself at some point. Not only did I instantly get invaded but the invader chased me in to said room with Solaire. After getting killed by the invader (with no back up humanity hmph) Solaire had disappeared. I assumed the invader had been a massive Tory and offed him. I think after calming down from my rage I googled and found out Solaire leaves of his own accord.


I got invaded, accidentally hit Solaire whilst fighting the invader and sent him hostile. Couldn’t bear to fight him so I let him kill me thinking he would calm down a bit by the time I respawned.


I tried lots of different attempts, including running from him, saving at another bonfire, but every time I went to that room Solaire ran at me. I couldn’t work out how to get to O and S with this enraged sun knight gunning for me all the time (and I clearly wasn’t going to do the O and S run from the fire-keeper bonfire miles away - that’s MADNESS) so eventually, with a very heavy heart, I offed Solaire. A part of me died when he did.





I don’t care how expensive it might have been, i’d have farmed souls for days and paid Oswald beneath the Gargoyle bell tower to absolve the sin. Anything but kill Solaire.


If he didn’t know better, he’d think we had feelings for him!




Anyone still playing?

I finally finished my first run through after meticulously exploring every single nook and cranny and secret. Managed to solo Artorias, Kalameet and Manus in the DLC content. That was ridiculously satisfying. Fist pumping all over the living room when I landed that hat-trick. Completed Solaire’s quest line so he was available for summoning against Gwyn. Took him into battle and we absolutely mauled the old dude first go, no parrying. Took a deep swing of Estus on the spot where Solaire peaced-out. Praise the Sun, bro. It was a blast. My 5 year old kid (mentioned up thread) was watching alongside as usual. I gave him final button press of the game to become “the king of the bonfire”. He was absolutely beaming.

Decided, like an idiot and inspite of my gaming back catalogue, to try and go for platinum trophy, which involves collecting or crafting every single rare weapon, miracle, sorcery and pyromancy, as well as fully upgrading a weapon through every upgrade path, so it’s into new game plus and beyond that now I go. Foolish.

Was quite daunted initially as i’ve usually just started a completely new character in the past, and was worried i’d hit a difficulty wall early on. Turns out I got to Anor Londo in a couple of 2 hour sittings. Think I might actually be *** whispers *** good at Dark Souls at last. Capra Demon was the fucking worst, as usual, but even that was only about 4 or 5 attempts. So much RNG in that fight. Don’t like the bits that rely on sheer luck. Feels like no matter how skilled you are, it all depends on where those fucking dogs end up. See also: Bed of Chaos.

Got through Blighttown in about 25 minutes and only died once by falling off a ledge because my lock on switched to a mosquito and the camera titted-off. Grrrrrr. The area actually feels quite short once you know where you’re going. Got through Sens in about 15 minutes too. Unbelievable. If anyone had told me the first time I encountered Sens back in the day that I would one day breeze through it, i’d have… probably disagreed or something. Even so, good fun.

Character has ended up as a kind of nimble fast-rolling Cleric/Pyromancer, but with +15 Reinforced Club and 40 Strength. Have put hardly any points into Stamina because i’m using Pinwheel’s Mask of the Child stacked with Grass Crest Shield and the stamina bar refills in literally 1 second. Recommended.

All in all, still addicted. Still the best game ever made. Ever. My kid thinks so too. His school teacher asked the class to go home and think up any sentence they wanted, and to practice writing it out at home. This was his:



I’ve not had much time for video games recently, but have got 3 of the 4 key souls at this point. Been taking it slow - doing lots of co-op but solo-ing all apart from the butterfly cos it’s not worth the hassle. Trying to make all of the side-quests work having botched a bunch on my first (and only, having played DS last of all of them) playthrough.


Amen to the Butterlfy strategy. Just stand at one end and let the summon do all the work.

Just tried to put some spoiler tags in, in case anybody hasn’t seen any of this stuff, but I appear to shit at forum, so take this as a spoiler warning if needed.
Some of the NPC quests are inscrutable. I tried to complete them all too, but ballsed up Onionbro somewhere. Saw him Lost Izalith and had rescued his daughter and all that, but they didn’t appear in Ash Lake. Dunno what happened there.

Also, completely forgot about Rhea after rescuing her in Tomb of the Giants, and spotted her dropped shinies from the corner of my eye in Undead Parish church when I happened to be passing through about 10 hours later. Whoops!


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