A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Cheers for the tips :ok_hand:


Unless you’re playing DSII


Other tip, don’t try and kill the nice guy in the very first area you come across. I made that mistake…


Forgot I’d pre-ordered this pup. Ahwoo


Started this over the weekend. Really enjoying it, tough but satisfying. Like the risk/reward element of dying and trying to get back and retrieve all the souls you lost…

Beat the Taurus Demon after a couple of attempts which felt good. That black knight down below beforehand kept merking me though. Met Solaire and praised the sun. Noped right out of the next bit though with the dragon. Back to it tonight!


On the note of the risk/reward element, died pretty close to the boss. Psyched myself up for the run back to retrieve my stuff, left the bonfire room and immediately walked straight off a bridge.


I always try and get back to my souls as fast as possible and it usually ends in me being followed by a mob of enemies and getting cornered and absolutely destroyed


Don’t rush back, is what I’m saying


Went off to have a crack at this and then realised that I didn’t have the item you need so it was a detour through The Duke’s Archives. Definitely enjoy a good puzzle level and the first half was satisfyingly strange with the weird gramophone business.

Didn’t enjoy Crystal Cave so much. It’s a neat idea and it looks cool but repeatedly falling off invisible paths was bullshit in Max Payne and it’s bullshit here.

Then I went on holiday for three weeks and forgot how to play. Sanctuary Guardian got the old juices flowing but I had some major problems in the Royal Woods. Don’t like those open kind of areas at the best of times and this was not the best of times.

I feel like I hadn’t struggled too much in the game up to now. Big Artorias soon sorted that out. Took a good 2 or 3 hours over a week - almost to the point of giving up to grind a few levels - to finally take him down. I’ve been playing very aggressively in the boss fights so has to dial that down a bit because he is so Aggro.

Enjoyed making my way through the Oolacile Township at the weekend and I think now I’ve got the hardest part of the game to come…


Ok, so I played Dark Souls for 4 hours on my train today on Switch. And I was quite impressed that the battery lasted almost all that time, given I had to turn the brightness up loads.

But question. I battled the Bell Gargoyles for the ENTIRE train journey and consistently get down to the finale, but rarely make it to one.

I can boss the first fucker and have 4 Estus flasks left but get decimated by fire, even with my shield up.

Any ideas? Or shall I call on some help to move on…


Personally I’m a big fan of the jolly Co operation. I think bosses are more fun when get a combination of tank and caster running around in unison but I’m sure there are lots of Pele out there who can give you more specific advice for doing them solo.


I did it on 360 with someone and found it euphoric, but also like I’d cheated. Was playing offline so didn’t have the temptation today, but I’m very tempted.


From memory, I keep plenty of distance. With the distance you can see which way the fire is moving and nip in around the back on the other side.


Praise the Sun!

Killed the bastards. Occurred to me I had 8 Titanite Shards and had only upgraded my weapons once. Went from needing to land 20 odd blows to make the second gargoyle appear to finishing both off only using 1 Estus flask.

Where to now? Never made it much further than this before. How exciting!


Well I never. Thought I’d have one swift go before I went to bed and just bossed Capra Demon with Estus to spare.

Helped I had the sound off maybe as I didn’t get stressed by the music… think it’s got it’s hooks into me now


First 30 seconds of this fight are easily the most stressful thing that has ever existed ever in the history of everything.


I haven’t managed to fully make it into the room before but read on a message left outside to ‘try sprinting’. Managed to go straight up the stairs, cower, wait for him to fall off the ledge, drop on him and then repeated 6 or so times. So did it on my fourth go I think?!

Bloody gargoyles took me 6+ hours though.


Hiiii, someone told me about this the other day. It sounds really cool. That’s all I have to add.


I’m in love with this game. Feel like I’ve got the hang of the combat and upgrading/levelling. Just rolling around everyone poking them with my halberd. Dying a fair amount but never feel like it’s unfair, it’s always because I was a stupid idiot. Did a fair bit of jolly co-operation with my brother and that may have over-levelled me a tad, but not complaining.

The atmosphere and setting is great. Still shitting myself when a new enemy turns up and I have no idea what they’re capable of, or if I find myself having to walk down an eerie new path.

All that and I know I’ve barely scratched the surface. Just beat the Moonlight Butterfly, the flappy prick.


If you really want to fall down the rabbit hole, would highly recommend listening to the Bonfireside Chat podcast once you’re a bit further through and so less likely to have anything spoilered.