A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Cheers for the suggestion, what sort of stuff do they talk about? Just general tips and stuff?

I’ve binged on the Soulsbourne lore and cut scenes for years, my way of vicariously enjoying the games when I couldn’t play them. But now that I’m going through it properly, I’m trying to figure things out for myself as much as possible for the first play through. Then think I’m gonna go all in with the guides the second time around.


I had a remarkably hard time with this dickhead this time around, despite this being my millionth playthrough. Definitely feels harder in general on the switch.

Onto the Capra Dickhead and having a bad time now


They go fairly deep on the lore but also do a really good job of explaining why they enjoy certain areas / fights / level design etc from a more ‘mechanical’ perspective which I’ve found always sheds a new light on the soulsborne games. They basically do a much better job than I could of explaining why these games fascinate me like no others.

First half a dozen episodes are pretty self-contained, then beyond a certain point all bets are off with regard to spoilers.


Seemed to be 50/50 whether I’d dodge its attacks or not, feel like I got the hang of it eventually but could have just been luck.

Not looking forward to Capra Demon from what everyone’s been saying.


Cool, sounds right up my street!


Had one of my favourite boss experiences with MB, after really struggling in my first playthrough, as I hadn’t upgraded my weapon enough and had to take 3 or 4 cycles to try and kill it, I played a magic playthrough and beat it in about 15 seconds. Really gratifying.


It’s really got it’s hooks into me too.

I’m in the Depths and scared to go one way because of a fucking giant animal, and scared to go the other as there’s loads of cuttlefish death cloak things down there.

Also spent bloody ages exploring areas I blatantly shouldn’t be in yet which was thrilling / stupid. Managed to get myself cursed too, so that’s nice…


I just fell down a trap and lost 8000 souls after spending an hour and 4000 souls backtracking to lift a curse. A curse which I now have again.

I’ve changed my mind…


I had a quick 10 minute co-op session with my brother last night and we ventured into lower Undead Burg. As we were milling about near the fog gate checking stuff out, some dude invaded, don’t think he was expecting two of us. We destroyed him, and then riding high on adrenaline we smashed through Capra Demon in the space of a few minutes. Man, what a rush.


That’s what dark souls is all about! :grinning:


I think I’ve got the bug.

Going to bed late. Cramming in 5 minutes here and there on my Switch. Reading Wikipedia entries on my commute. Watching streams of areas I’ve been through. Trying to figure out how I’ll tackle enemies before I boot the game up…

Unlocked Blighttown last night, and found a giant butterfly I couldn’t attack as I had no ranged weapons. But now, I do. Garden or Blighttown next?


I’d do the garden first. Blightown can be nails and you probably want to level up as much as you can before tackling it.


I walked down that path and lasted all of 20 seconds.

Enjoyed working my way back through the entire game from Blighttown to Firelink Shrine last night, with a level 5 Longsword and Elite Knight armour. Didn’t need an Estus flask at all and even killed a Black Knight en route. It’s an incredible feeling when you realise you are blitzing sections in seconds that were 3 hour long endeavours a week ago.


And that’s the appeal of the game in a nutshell


Pro-tip for blighttown - buy the weapon and armor repair kits before you go down. Don’t make the same mistake I did last playthrough…


Curse is such an infuriating effect, especially early in the game when you don’t have much health or souls to spare, but good to hear you’re in it for the long haul.

My own progress has stalled a bit. I thought I’d waltz through to Manus, but I’ve banging my head against the big, spinny, not-even-a-boss twat who guards the exit from the Oolacile Township. Can hardly put a mark on him.


Already bought those, thanks! I’m one of those gamers who is totally paranoid so stocks up on everything just in case…


Got a real hankering for another BB run. Booting it up now


Did a black knight halbard run over the last fortnight or so, its so OP.


Got to ornstein and smough on a new game plus run, shit gets real