A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Haha ive managed it once with BKH and once with the gold tracer on a dex build. Both melt ornstein and big smough is ok as long as you get lucky with his attacks.i think i hate the anor londo corner guy more than the boss fight at this point.


I’m trying to kill smough first, then ornstein, to get Leo ring and for general satisfaction. Big ornstein is tough!


The other way round stumps me, super ornsteins hitboxes are just unbelievably annoying. Ive not found a thrust weapon that i like enough to juatify the ring, though.

Edit: good luck, obviously!


Rang the second bell last night.

Feeling pretty smug today.


A previously unseen haggard, figure emerges from the darkness smoking a cigarette with a far away look in his eye

“You think you know curses? Well, shit. You weren’t there man. Dark Souls V1.0. Before any of the patches. They don’t talk about it now. Politics. But back then…curses stacked, man. They Stacked. Try getting back out of Blighttown with 1/8th of your health and then tell me about curses. I can still hear the screams. My screams, as I died to a rat with one hit for the 50th time just trying to claw myself to the surface and get clean. It was a bloodbath, man. You don’t know. You can’t know. From Software just left us there to die, man. By the time the patch came there wasn’t a sane man left. Those callous bastards. You don’t know, man. Curses. Fucking curses. Let me tell you about curses…”

You back away slowly as the man continues rambling into the ether


Fuck! That’s sadistic, even for Dark Souls.


It was incredibly rough. It’s not often From admit they’ve gone too far but even they backtracked on that one.

I’ve posted my blog on getting stuck in Ash Lake with 25% health a few times but I’m going to do it again anyway because I still can’t believe I managed to get out: https://ludowaffle.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/let-me-tell-you-why-i-love-dark-souls/


Had a hard time with the Depths, but beat the Gaping Dragon. Now I’m messing about doing as much as I can without having to go down into Blighttown. Went down and got Havel’s Ring from that dude in Darkroot Basin, and went back to Undead Asylum which I really really struggled with. Don’t think there’s much else I can do now, just going to need to suck it up and make my way down. But I really don’t want to.

On the plus side I have a great big fucking axe and it’s really fun smacking everyone. Dying lots because I’m slow as fuck, but enjoying the high risk-high reward aspect of it.


This is a great read :+1:


Thanks! It was a ridiculous situation to get myself in but naked sprinting has been my secret weapon in DS ever since.


I’m trying to avoid reading too much about the game and figure it out for myself, but learning how to level up my weapons has helped loads. Also hadn’t realised you could hold a weapon two handed until the Blighttown boss. Couldn’t scratch it before I discovered that.

I’m watching the stream Matt from The Computer Game Show podcast did if I get really stuck on where to go next, but not watching how to actually beat the boss. Also listening to Dark Calls where two of the guys from that pod give slight clues to guide you towards your next goal. Just enough info to help, but not enough to spoil it.

I found Depths pretty hard too, as I kept falling down into that area full of frogs. Bosses were ok though and did them second time.

Blighttown wasn’t the ordeal I’d heard it could be either. Made it all the way to the 2nd bonfire on my first go once I figured out how to get past the initial enemies. Frame rate being sorted on Switch probably helped!

Definitely needed some help knowing where to go for the boss though as I got properly lost down there and fucked over with poisons / toxins.

Will remember it as a good experience though.


Has anyone ever written a piece about the experiences of those who first played this game and pieced together the Lore, figured out the boss fights, worked out how to level up etc?

Finding it fascinating how the first raft of players managed to endure and get through this…


Not what you’re describing, but feel I should once again recommend Bonfireside Chat as a supplementary podcast


Ah yes I have a couple downloaded, along with Dark Calls and Twin Humanities.

Best to listen to them as you play?


I’ve not read it but I understand Keza MacDonald of Kotaku’s book You Died goes into this:


Would recommend listening to the early areas as you go along (i.e. once you’ve done each area). They are spoiler-free for future areas up until episode 7.


Made some good progress this week.

Really enjoyed the Sif fight, and the enemies leading up to him. Visually the high point of the game to date. Less enjoyed the Hydra. Didn’t kill the dragon on the bridge but made it to the bonfire behind it and enjoyed watching the dragon fly away. Took out Havel and all the Black Knights too. Feel like I’m getting closer and closer to the top of Sen’s fortress and also have a few decent weapons and rings out of nowhere after surviving with just a Longsword since the beginning.

Listening to a podcast about the lore, and had missed the secret area being Quelaag where her sister resides. Watched the storyline concerning her on YouTube and I’m a bit sad now :frowning:

I think I now love Dark Souls guys…


One of us. One of us. One of us.


Got my arse kicked by that guy so many times I had to look it up. Who would’ve thought the jumping slash would do the trick? Cleaned out the Chasm of the Abyss and found myself stuck at a crossroads with two pretty tough bosses to take on. Surprisingly, it only took half a dozen attemptes to take out Kalameet but Manus is truly ridiculous. At this point, he can easily one-shot me and I’m lucky if I can get three or four hits in before he does.

Think it might be time to grind up a few levels to give me the edge on him. Or I could try wearing armour.


I’ve spent a wholly depressing evening being battered by Lautrec / Smough and Ornstein. I’m going to be here for ages, grinding up levels, aren’t I?