A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



I have absolutely zero shame about summoning for o and s:there’s two of them why shouldn’t you have company?

Plus you’ll find a lot of invaders hanging around there as it’s such a popular summoning spot so there’s a whole game within a game as you attempt to make it to the fog gate alive


Lautrec and his mates are tough, but you only need to beat them once. Try and get the wizard prick first (you should be able to get the jump on him from above) and then use the pillars to split the other two up. Alternatively, you can do what I did and be hollow the whole time. That way you never fight him until you randomly look up why Firelink Shrine is still not burning and you get a clean run through to O & S.

What level are you at the moment? More importantly: how is it split out? For those guys stamina is maybe more important than health, so you can keep moving.

As Scagden says, there’s no shame in summoning. Except for the obvious and total shame of summoning!


I’m around level 45-50.

Mainly put souls into Strength, Vitality and Dexterity, with each around 22-25. Everything else is barely touched. I’m happy to put a few hours into killing those giant knights and getting up a tad if necessary.

I also have a huge bunch of Titanite saved up, which I’m totally unsure what to put into? I levelled up my Longsword into a Raw Longsword and that is pretty handy; also have a Heavy crossbow 3, but find that fairly shite. I have a few punchy weapons like Dragonbow, Crystal Halberd, Lightning Spear and various great axes that I’m not quite levelled up enough to use, so I haven’t put anything into them - should I?

I got the sense from O&S that something longer than a sword might be handy. I can get one of them down to half health ok, but then they gang up on me…

As for Lautrec, I used the Orb to invade his world. I heard on Bonfireside Chat he killed the Firelink Shrine keeper so I wanted revenge… Best to do this later on?


Higher stats will always help but I think you’ll get more immediate return on levelling up your weapon and you should be able to get something up to +10 with a bit of farming the large titanite shards.

You’ll get 100 different answers about exactly what direction to go there! I haven’t really bothered with elemental weapons apart from when they’re really essential for the area, but YMMV. It’s probably best to make a decision on whether you want to go with strength or dex based weapons then tailor your upgrades accordingly. Strength will get you into the axes and two-handed greatswords: slower but big hitting. Personally, I always favour the faster, dex-based weapons but that also makes you play in a certain way: much more reliant on dodging and rolling than armour and shields.

Also worth taking at a look at what stats your weapon’s damage scales with. For example, I’ve almost finished my first run and my main weapon has been the humble scimitar: think is that starts with B scaling on dexterity and jumps up to A once it’s fully upgraded.

I’d misremembered how you get to him. It’s definitely worth taking him out soon, but maybe concentrate on O&S first.


Not even sure how I look at that stat! Will investigate. Thanks, super helpful…


Pretty much any play-style and weapon choice is viable, but Raw tends to overpromise and underdeliver as it stops your weapon scaling with your stats. You might find at this stage that you get a lot more bang for your buck out of a +7 or +8 weapon on the standard upgrade path.


That’s interesting. I struggle with this aspect of games. It’s why I bounce off of a lot of RPGs. Just find this stuff a level of management I don’t need in my life.

So should I downgrade my sword back to +6 or whatever it was at before and also invest in a few other things?


Almost certainly, yes. Revert to +6 and then level up to +9 or +10 (can’t remember where limits hit) using large titanite shards - you’ll get more benefit from sinking your souls into buying any you need from the Giant Blacksmith than you will from grinding for levels.

With no disrespect to you, the Bonfireside Chat guys describe Raw weapons as a “noob trap”. It’s very tempting but at your level I doubt it’s the best use of a weapon.


Yeah I went raw on my first run. The numbers were just too enticing.

When you’re next looking through the I’m weapons you’ll spot the grades for scaling. A ‘B’ or above in whatever you choose to focus on (most like strength or dex) is fine. Or alternatively going down the lightning route always leads to a fairly potent weapon without worrying about scaling.

If I were you at this stage I’d slap my summon sign down in the closest bonfire to O&S, get some experience smashing 'em up with other people and rake in the souls so you can buy plenty of titanite and play around a bit.


Summoning is 100% part of the game and I’m pretty sure it’s what the devs intended as standard for O&S (Solaire’s sign plus the Lautrec incident being triggered when you go human to summon point to them expecting people to be looking for help here).

That said, soloing those bastards is one of the most brilliant experiences in gaming. Both times I’ve done it I have literally been down to chugging my last humanity for health when I’ve made the final blow. Managing the space to tempt Ornstein while keeping pillars between you and Smough is a wonderfully intricate dance so there’s this weird zen-like mastery when it all goes to plan followed by rising panic when you slay one and then have to mentally regroup to take on their pal in uberbastard form.

I think it’s one of the most perfectly pitched fights in gaming.


Yeah, that’s completely understandable. It’s also something that took me several failed attempts and hours of YouTubing to properly get to grips with.

This is definitely true, however I was only 50% being a dick about summoning earlier! The other 50% was reflecting my own experience of playing DS2 and now DS. I’ve never seen the point in trying to stay human because I’m inevitably going to get killed and go hollow anyway so why bother?


Which bonfire did you use? I opened up the doors and went to the initial kindled one in Anor Londo? But there was another at the base of the cathedral / house.


Can’t seem to level up past level 5 weirdly? Is that down to the Blacksmith? Or the wepaon doesn’t allow it maybe?

I just ploughed a ton of souls into a weapon with an A grade for dexterity which took it to S, and yet it seems worse now than before?!? I also downgraded the Longsword and it seems to be tons weaker now.

I don’t get some aspects of this game. To YouTube!


Oh, you need the large ember to give to the blacksmith to get past +5. It’s in an area you’ve already visited, you must have missed it. Easy done.

No shame in wiki/youtubing!


Level up normally to +5, then you need to get the first hairy blacksmith to “ascend” it, then you can continue to +10.


Ah right! Yeah I did that already. So does the giant blacksmith not allow you to do that? Meaning, I have a long trek back through Sens ahead of me?


Oh shit yeah just googled this. Had no idea that would be a limitation sorry.


Other option is to plunge some twinkling titanite into upgrading a weapon which needs it - that can be purchased from the giant blacksmith.


Oh really? I didn’t remember the giant not being able to go past +5. Man, Dark Souls is a dick.


I might have to give it a wide berth for a while. Having downgraded those weapons from Raw, the Knights by the bonfire which I could previously kill with 8 hits are now taking 12 or more.