A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)




I did the entire second half of the game with the giants halberd that the big guy sells if you’re up for a weapon change. Does solid lightning damage.


I’ve spent my souls so poorly in this game. I have a bunch of upgraded weapons I don’t like, some items I don’t know the purpose of and some spells I’m not levelled up enough to use.



Sorry buddy :frowning:


You’re far from the first to end up in that mess if it’s any consolation. If you can stomach continuing I really do recommend being summoned for the O&S fight: most of the time you’ll end up in a squad so you can just work on not dying and raking in some serious souls. Then you can pick your favourite weapon and run with it.


It’s cool, I’ll continue and figure it out. Don’t worry, come this far.

Veer from thinking this is a brilliantly, tightly designed game to thinking it’s lucky the community wrote a manual for it and invented lore to explain away stupid level design…


Don’t worry honest, one of those things. Will just have to try something else or trek back to the other blacksmith.


Just realised that when the Firekeeper asked for the soul I had, that was the one I was saving to revive Firelink Shrine. Balls…


Sacrilege! Everyone level up your pitchforks and torches and form an orderly mob.


Not sure if I’m reading this right, but you can only do that with the firekeeper soul you get when you kill Lautrec.

I also apologise for egging you on to downgrade you sword. However, it’s still a bit of a pain but you should have a shortcut back from the roof of Sen’s right down to the first big room.


I realised that after I beat Lautrec, thanks! A podcast I listened to said that the item you pick up from her dead body was the soul not to sell, and I did without realising. Turns out thats something different. Will NOT be selling my souls for a while.

Shortcut wise, is that the cage that needs a key? And does that cage stay at the bottom once you’re back in the opening area?


I picked up Bloodborne during the summer and loved it. How hard is the transition between the two series?


Well now, I think you’ll be fine. You’ll almost certainly miss the side step move that helps you dodge attacks but a lot of the more nimble dancing around the enemies approach that bb encourages, works well in dark souls too. And you can always enjoy cowering behind a :shield: if you wish.


I am in the same boat as you here. Played through and loved Bloodborne over the summer for the first time and have now picked up Dark Souls 3. I prefer parrying with a shield to get an enemy to stagger rather than having to shoot them as in Bloodborne but for me the gameplay is similar enough for me to have been able to get straight into DS3 pretty quickly (whether that will be the case going back to the older games I don’t know).

The one thing I did find a bit overwelming to begin with was the sheer number of weapons and spells which is massive compared to Bloodborne, I was expecting a few weapons to play around with before settling on the one I liked the best and just leveling that up but the actual choice of what you can use I found a little daunting to begin with as I was worried I wasn’t using them for the optimal setup + you also have to keep an eye on the weight of everything you use as you have a weight limit on what you can have equiped which you didn’t need to worry about in Bloodborne.


They took a lot of the fluidity of BB combat and applied it to Dark Souls 3. I did BB to DS2 back in the day and that is much more of a shift in terms of feel.


Ah ok, When I eventually beat DS3 I’ll probably pick up DS2 so I’ll be wary of that when I do then.


I’ve got a blasphemous admission for this thread: I own Bloodborne, DS1 and DS2 (having bought them all when tempted by sales) but I’ve never played any of them.


Play them


In what order?


Ooooooooooo tricky. I’d personally go with ds1 because it offers more variety of different character builds but if you prefer an eerie Lovecraft horror setting to a classic swords and shields fantasy setting then go bloodborne.

Dark souls 2 is the weakest in the series, it’s only a 9/10


You massively need to be fast rolling for that fight, manus is strong enough that you cant really tank his hits anyway and if youre slow youre doomed. Think it took me about 50 tries to get it done my first time. Good luck!