A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



There are things that you can do to make it easier: it’s all about how you want to play.

I am NO hotshot gamer with lighting reflexes and I relied a lot on summons, basically getting other gamers from other games to come and help you out (you can then help others in return). It fosters a real sense of camaraderie and makes the really hard bits much more manageable.


Depends if you git gud or not.

It varies depending on the section. @Scagden’s racing game comparison is pretty apt - once you know the route, and the enemies and how they attack, it’s just on you to execute the way back.


oh no way, I’m going to have to play with pepi the frog cunts? I’m out


It’s optional. I never use it.


ok gonna add it to my steam wishlist…progress!


The first game is a masterclass in environmental storytelling. Every weapon, every enemy, every item is in it’s place for a reason. This is the kind of game where a boss uses a certain weapon and the fans spend years speculating as to what that means in terms of his/her affiliations and life story. Even the gamey mechanics like death and resurrection and the way multiplayer works is woven into the story and themes. In terms of holistic game design it’s unsurpassed.

It’s probably the most influential game of it’s generation. It’s worth playing just to see where so many games being released now nicked things from.


You don’t have to play with others at all. But you can.

You can’t hear what summoned characters are saying and I have never in four games encountered a problem with online players you’ve summoned to help being dicks. It’s the best online community really (maybe because other players are silent).

Some of the best times I’ve had though have been when I’ve summoned a mate of mine and we’ve had voice chat on separately. So good to help your friend defeat a boss!


No one can speak to you, and you can speak to no one. On the 360 they disabled voice chat entirely. It’s meant to be a lonely experience.


Remember the Bonfireside Chat folks noting that when you eventually stop playing it’s effectively because your character has gone hollow - it’s incredible


Byrgenwerth was the point where i started getting fatigued, or even full on exhausted slogging through it. and at that point skyrim was on sale so i just thought fuck it


guys you’re making me want to buy and play this probably terrible over-hyped game!


That’s the shortest gap between bosses in the game FFS! :wink:

In all seriousness, I think the zen state I entered to systematically destroy the boss of that area was when I truly fell in love with the game. But if it ain’t for you, it ain’t for you.


better be at least as good as Vagrant Story


I think it being a short gap was almost the issue. Like “okay here we go again”

Mind you when it comes to obsessive boss battles I’m absolutely getting Shadow of the Colossus remaster


I feel like I play it safe with every run through in terms of the equipment I use. Currently at the depths on a NG+ with my level 100 lad, most of the points on strength and endurance, rocking a black night sword +5. What are some very good weapons I should look at enhancing?


If you’ve gone pure strength have a go with some of the hammers. I quite liked the Dragon’s Tooth because it’s such a ridiculous weapon. And I quite liked cosplaying as Havel, only with an onion bro helm. Float like a slug, sting like a death star.


i have this same issue already in skyrim. i’ve ended up being an offensive mage, which is my MO in absolutely every game like this. fully considering a complete restart and forcing myself to play as a thief/pickpocket, the shittest of classes.


How many switches are gonna be smashed on the floor when you make a little mistake and lose a million souls


Can’t work out if this game sounds great or horrible. I’ve got 5 months to decide, at least.


Why would you be carrying round a million souls?