A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



I’ve been intermittently playing Demon’s Souls for the last 3 years, back on it again now. I love it, looks beautiful, the level designs are so detailed and the world feels so gloomy and hopeless. Bit like Brexit really. It is infuriating though, particularly the world with the skeletons and the ghosts, absolutely fucking merciless and despite the hours I’ve spent fighting them it still feels 50/50 against every one I come up against. It’s why I stop playing for long periods as it’s so frustrating but I always go back eventually.

I actually own DS1 and DS2 but don’t wanna play them until I’ve clocked Demon’s Souls (probably will never happen). Am sad they’ve deactivated the online features on it now, perhaps they’ll remaster it for PS4 next year in which case I’m all over it.


I think I’m a bit scared. I’m not the most patient gamer if something is frustratingly tricky.


With ds there’s almost always things you can do when you get stuck -

Try a different route
Try different combinations of weapons /armour
Summon other players to help
Find ways to level up

It is frustrating and difficult but there’s always something you can do to help yourself, it’s empowering and very satisfying when you do get past the blocks.


Decided to head back to Unburg for a bit as I was getting a bit tired of Anor Londo kicking my ass. Didn’t actually take very long to get back at all so spent some time restoring the bonfire and leveling up my Longsword and Lightning Spear. Mental how easy those enemies die now. Haven’t found one that takes two hits!?

Back at Anor Londo now, so will focus on the boss fight…




Yeah, Ive been almost naked for the whole game, I’m not going to try and change up now.

Had an hour or so on Sunday and started getting somewhere. Actually found I did better when I got in close. Until he does the absurd multiple-punching-and-grabbing-and-smashing-your-empty-body-on-the-ground combo.


Keep at it, you’ll get there. He does a scream before he goes crazy, when he does that spam backwards rolls until your stamina runs out. Apart from that it’s just getting the dodge timing right on his weird arm and magic attacks. Was the best feeling when I finally got him.


Had to take a bit of a break but got back on the Dark Souls horse over the past couple of weeks. I have:

  • Got really lost (and dead) in Blighttown
  • Beat Quelaag, scary at first but actually not too bad!
  • Did some grinding for a bit, joined the Forest Hunter covenant, got a new axe and did lots of fun PvP :muscle:
  • Tackled Sen’s Fortress. Really daunting at first, but once I got my head around it it was pretty fun! Thought the boss wasn’t too bad.
  • Anor Londo. Holy shit, lost count of how many times I died to those fucking roof archers. Wasn’t even happy when I got past them. I’m at O&S now, beat them a couple of times as a phantom and just psyching myself up for a proper run…

Sharing footage from your Switch is a pain, so made a throwaway Twitter account to send stuff to my mates. I’ve been documenting all my troubles and triumphs there https://twitter.com/JekcPls

I’m currently dressed like a badass (?) gnome or something https://twitter.com/JekcPls/status/1069000143632949248


Same point as me. Planning on getting back on with it this week properly after a break. Couldn’t face another day of running down that long bridge to get hammered by those two bosses yet again.

Levelled up a bit using the 6 knights by the bonfire so intend, once I can consistently kill one of them, to summon someone to come assist me.


I’m getting a lot of mileage out of sticking my sign down and helping other people - no risk but getting a lot of practice and souls. Not sure if that’s any help.

Not looking forward to trying it propetly though, getting to the boss in human form and summoning someone without getting ganked by an invader is going to be tricky :frowning:


Quite enjoying doing a full dex run instead of using the black knight halbard or magic. used ricards rapier and painting guardian sword which have been pretty good so far, but now trying to do early Artorias to get the gold tracer, but he’s mashing me.


Can you do that without being human and risk being invaded?


Yeah, you dont need to be human to put down your sign and be summoned. Thank god!


Got tired of trying to summon someone and tried it solo. And did it! Man, what a rush!!!

Two separate attempts but


Finally clocked Demon’s Souls on Saturday. I will return to it again at some point and go deeper on all the world tendency stuff and get all the unique weapons but goodness me what a game - it’s so oppressive and difficult in so many ways, each level was its own unique nightmare but so pretty too, Latria in particular had me in awe at various points at how much thought had gone into every aspect of the experience.


Was having a really hard time to levelled and levelled and levelled to be a big strong boy. Turns out it was my weapon that was an issue so just rocking a standard greater+10 at the moment with a mega endurance/strength/Dex build and I’m going through everything like butter. It is nice.


*greataxe. Autocorrect


So I’ve started Dark Souls, got a few hours of play behind me (have just beaten the magic butterfly thing you fight on the bridge) and nothing has fucked me over too bad yet, most frustrating boss was the two gargoyles on the roof by far, took about 10 goes but got there in the end using soul arrrows once they both dropped down and took my time. Oh and if I fight a black night it feels like I’m gaurenteed to die at least once against them but again if I just relax and keep my distance/circle around him I get there. I guess with these games it’s always key isn’t it, patience. I’m sure there will be lots of points ahead where I get totally screwed though.

It’s an exceptionally pretty game, way more textured and colourful than Demon’s Souls and I feel it’s more hopeful, I like the fact there is the sun and more natural elements like forests and stuff, Demon’s Souls is brilliant in its own way as it’s so grey and desolate and often quite claustrophobic.


Also I named my character Brexit - as it’s quite scary and imposing and also sounds like it could be some dark ages/mystical/game of thrones esq name


And the added advantage that when you die you at least have the consolation of watching Brexit being dismembered and crushed and impaled.