A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Ornstein and Smough are such utter, utter bullshit. Worst difficulty spike since the level in Viewtiful Joe that out of nowhere, asks you to beat EVERY SINGLE BOSS IN ONE GO.

I have a furysword. I have a charged up Lightning Spear. I have the ability to get Solaire to the fight with full health, having mastered killing the guards outside. And then the dick dies EVERYTIME before one of them goes down.

Can’t find any single human to summon either.


I’m free if you want someone to summon?


Ah sorry, I missed this. Might level up my armour a bit and ask in a couple of days time if that’s cool? Haven’t seen one human summon sign in a whole night of play. Weird…?


Yeah no worries. Are there any by the bonfire? Weird if not, what level are you? Maybe everyone is distracted by Smash…


Not the one I’m at? The one by the lift at the start of the level and 6 giants?

Solaire didn’t seem to help very much. He died way before I did!?!

I’m level 59. Vitality 25, endurance 22, strength 19, dexterity 32, everything else barely anything.

Got the Eagle shield +7, Quelaag’s furysword, Lightning Spear +3 and Silver Knight armour +2, with Havel and Hornet rings equipped.


Ah right, is that the one with the fire keeper? I saw a bunch of signs next to the bonfire you find solaire at when you first enter the cathedral, I think that might be the main place people run to the boss from? I’ve been placing my sign just before the fog gate but not getting summoned a lot there…

I know there are restrictions on level if you’re too high or too low compared to the summonee but 59 should be alright I think?


I’m in Blightown, I’ve beat the gaping dragon after about 8 tries, chopped off his tail and did him in all by myself (did try a few goes summoning some NPC’s but they were shit). I’ve managed to reach the 2nd bonfire after all the fire breathing spider/scorpion things and giant mosquitos.

I’m gonna be that guy as it feels like I’m the only one who’s played Demon’s Souls in this thread but that Blightown is almost exactly the same as the Valley of Defilement - Feels disgusting and is a horrible part to get through as if it’s not the enemies that will kill you it’ll be bullshit drops off of where you’re walking. I hated this level in Demon’s Souls and I Blightown, sooner I’m out in somewhere a bit brighter or prettier looking the better.


I’m listening to a bunch of podcasts about the game and the general consensus is that you’re bang on.

I didn’t hate the top part so much once you get past the initial heavy hitters but the ground was a crock of shit.


quite literally…


Coming to the end of the base game once again. Just got to go to fire land, the worst bit of the game. Excited for the dlc


Think I’m still level 60, but probably wouldn’t be able to get on tonight.

Edit: Oh. You’re on Switch anyway. Think the other Bonfire (and jumping over the balcony) is a more popular starting point.


I’m in the darkroot garden/cat covenent now protecting my new cat overlord, loads of fun


Yup there’s been a few people there tonight to help out. Some twat keeps invading though and killing my helpers, so not made it into the actual fight yet and have burned 5 humanity.

This boss battle is going to be the death of me…


So last night I pressed the wrong direction when selecting how many humanity to use and chugged my whole lot. 36 of the fuckers. Can’t go dying without collecting my souls any time soon


Oh shit! I thought only have 14 left was bad?!


Small thing but I wouldn’t bother with the Hornet Ring - it’s amazing against enemies who can be parried/riposted/backstabbed, but in general you can’t get proper criticals against bosses so the hornet ring doesn’t change much. If you’ve got FAP ring by now that should be useful, it increases your health and stamina, and also gives you more carry weight so you can armour up (but make sure you’re fast rolling for O + S). Good luck!


That much humanity will get you an incredible pyromancy though.


Ha! 14 isn’t ideal but a lot better than my situation! Can you help out others to get some more/get practice on those big bad boss bastards?


I haven’t got a white stone annoyingly. May go do that soon. Sick of the sight of Anor Londo, so perhaps doing something different for a few hours might get me back on track. I am, for the first time since I bought it, getting close to quitting it. I simply don’t have 4 hour stints in my life these days to endlessly take a hammering and inch closer to the finish line. 5 years ago… Different scenario.


Cheers! I’ve got it but it breaks when removed. Is that an issue? I guess I wear it until I beat these dicks?