A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



The first half of the game is definitely better than the second half, there’s no doubt about that. And the area you’ve got left before the final encounter isn’t going to make you feel any warmer to it as it’s a pile of arse. The last boss and the DLC are pretty special though.

It’s a game that grows in stature when you’re not playing it as much as when you are I think. People forget the bullshit moments in DS1 when eulogizing it because the peaks are so very high. I know I do. I doubt you’ll ever learn to love the Tomb of the Giants but you might find yourself feeling oddly warmer towards it when you’ve got some distance between being savaged by those weird massive skeletal dog beast bastards in the dark.

I highly recommend watching some lore videos when you’re done (I’ll probably spam some at you) so you can join us in appreciating how clever it all is and cement yourself as a proper Dark Souls wanker.


I think most folks would agree that it loses its way a bit post Anor Londo. Think it creates an unfair comparison for itself because the first half is so perfect. I reckon the second half is still really good and does lots of great things lore-wise (the DLC is particularly incredible in that respect) but it definitely feels a bit rushed on the dev side.

  • What if we made it so some enemies respawn?
  • What if we made it so the floor is lava?
  • What if we made it so you can’t see?
  • What if we made it so the floor is invisible?
  • What if we made the bed of chaos?


I’m checking out those two podcasts as I finish each area and that’s been a major reason why I’ve stuck with it to be honest. Loving the details such as why certain items are where they are. Such as that knackered old dragon in (possibly?) the Valley of the Drakes. You find a dead knight there and loads of fire resistant armour, but then realise he’d gone to fight this beast and not realised it breathed poison, not fire, and died. Love touches like that. That’s next level game design, and many of my favourite games such as Ico and Metroid Prime tell the narrative through the level design.

But yes please, lore me up!

And I am now THRILLED at the thought of tackling this last area (Bed of chaos?). Seems a real hit with everyone I know!


And I totally get what you mean about it growing in stature when you don’t play it.

I’ve missed it when I play arcadier, slight offerings…


I suspect the journey you take through the game hugely changes your view of it too.

I spent 6+ hours trying to tackle the Bell Gargoyles as I hadn’t realised you could summon people or craft weapons. I went through the entirety of Depths and Blighttown, whereas others I know found the back door entrance and skipped them. I beat the Capra Demon and Four Kings but struggled with O&S, others I know had it the other way around. I only ever got knocked off the rampart by the archers twice before I made it past them, but took days to find the broken window in the cathedral. I reckon Catacombs would have been more fun if I’d tackled it at the start. And Sif, Painted World and the area behind the Darkroot sealed entrance were 3 of my top 5 areas, and I suspect loads of people miss them without playing along to a pod.

I reckon it’s entirely possible for someone to play this game and have a dreamlike, perfectly paced experience they love or equally a soul-crushing obtuse one they curse.


I imagine you’ll do the same as me and find the game quite annoying overall but be itching to play it again in 3 months time.


Bed of chaos is one of the biggest gaps between coolness of lore and coolness of execution imaginable.


Stuck on stage 3 of this dickhead. It is absolutely the worst


Haha, brilliant!

May go kill that dragon then. We have unfinished business…


Done with Ariamis, really liked it as an area. Suitably creepy and weird, but refreshingly different from everywhere else. New Londo Ruins next…

Got a weird soft spot for the skeleton wheels… they’re complete bullshit, especially in the small corridors with an axe that keeps hitting the wall, but they’re so goofy when they start rolling.


The ridiculously intricate holistic approach to world design is just unparalleled and the main reason it’s fans get all highfalutin when discussing it (I’ve used the phrase, “the gaming equivalent of mise-en-scène” more than once and I am not ashamed). The lore is big on creative ambiguity (Miyazaki was heavily influenced by reading Western fantasy in his youth - he didn’t know much English so had to fill a lot of the blanks himself, an experience he wanted to pass on to the player) so it leads to the kind of in depth lore discussion other RPG makers could only dream of. “Common item X is found in area Y, but they’re normally only found in area Z! What could this mean?!”

I went through a period of watching Youtuber VaatiVidya’s lore videos religiously. He’s good at weaving narratives through the ambiguity and explaining how he’s come to his conclusions and where he might be wrong. Also he doesn’t come across like your average youtuber, which is good because I’m an old man and I can’t be doing with your typical in-your-face bantersaurus youtube wankers.


Enjoy his videos but cringe every single time he (or someone like him) speaks like he’s JRR Tolkien, e.g. in the way they use the word ‘for’.


Still pretty much at the beginning of bloodborne but quite bored of it. Got that machine gun dick on the tower, all those zombie things, exploding pots etc. Don’t like either weapon I’ve got, they’re either too clumsy and cumbersome or too weak (depending on if I’ve pressed L1 or not)

Oh and the gun is 100% pointless


I can understand that. It took me a while to warm to him but I find that Serious Fantasy Business way of speaking kind of endearing now. If you’re going to make lengthy videos speculating why the placement of a certain hat changes everything you may as well go all in.


Definitely not this.


Yeah assuming that you’re not one of those bumbling idiots who somehow made it through all three dark souls without ever learning to parry*, the gun is great because it fulfils exactly the same function. Or so I’ve been told.

*I regret nothing. **

**except this


How on Earth did you beat Gwyn without parrying?!


Took me ages cos I’m shit at parrying, if I ever replay the game i’ll spend time learning how to do it.

You just have to be constantly running/rolling away from him and hiding behind those little mounds and telegraphing his moveset then just hit get one hit in at a time before running away again (I normally do it after he’s attempted his grab move). It took me about 10 minutes once I committed to that strategy rather than rushing but yeah it’s quite do able!


This. I’d committed to a massive shield/Dragon’s tooth build by the time I’d got to Gwyn first time round. It didn’t take many hits to kill him but getting those hits in was a nightmare.

Parrying him is easy - in many ways us non-parry players are the real heroes. And not just, y’know, idiots. Yeah…


I did it with the following on my melee character:

-power within beefing up attacks (the gradual hp drain isn’t much of a worry at this stage)
-the stone dragon tail sword, fully upgraded with its two handed power smash move
-Havel’s shield on my back (iirc you could use it to trigger stone flesh then sling it on your back and wield your sword two handed).

It wasn’t easy but I was happy when I did it.

I remember reading afterwards that the reason why there are so many knights guarding him is to give you a chance to practise parrying on your way towards him. Nope. Not for me.