A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Exaggeration for comedic effect


The combat is very methodical, it’s not about being fast or using combos, it’s about keeping your shield up, watching your stamina and getting a hit in when you see an opportunity. Patience is important as even the early enemies that you’ve killed repeatedly can punish you if you are careless.

The story is not told in cut scenes, it’s all hidden away in item descriptions. You can play the whole game and not really know what’s going on, or you can piece it all together by reading and making notes. It’s entirely up to you how much you take away from it.

I was all set to sell it on ebay after a week because I was getting frustrated. Restarted after asking for some advice on forums and it’s now my favourite game ever. If you start it and become pissed off I’m sure there will be lots of DS wankers like myself on here that will be glad to give a spoiler free hand.

And the community as a whole is usually pretty decent. If you need to summon help for a boss, the person you bring in is there to do exactly that and it only benefits them if you win. Communication is via gestures not talking so you won’t have to hear any objectionable opinions, the worst you might get is a sarcastic point at the ground.

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Broken straight sword


It’s both!


quite like the idea of going through it with the help of DiS tbh :slight_smile:


One thing that’s universally true about Dark Souls fans: we love talking about it almost as much as we like playing it. You wouldn’t be short on tips.


I’m currently playing botw, and I think it’s style (go anywhere, learn from mistakes/deaths/go back to areas later when more confident or levelled up) combat (parry, dodge), weapons variety, borrows a lot from dark souls


A million would be a daft amount to carry around.
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Was going to write something, but this is the main draw for me.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more involved and immersed in a game’s world than the first Dark Souls.


Alright, team, Ludwig’s Rifle to the head, what’s it gonna be?

  • Demon Souls
  • Dark Souls
  • Dark Souls 2 Die Harder
  • Dark Souls 3 Die with a Vengeance
  • Bloodborne

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Still not played BB.

Fucking Sony.


Shit I don’t know. I think BB>DaSo>DS3>DS2>DeSo. Really bloody like them all though, obviously



Your not missing out on much. It’s only the best game ever made.


Not played DeSo but your ordering is correct for the others


Didn’t realise there’s a DS1 remaster. Will get on that when I have money to purchase goods and services


May 25th :slight_smile:


I played DS2 and it was extremely frustrating and then subsequently very good.


Beating Ornstein and Smough was the highlight of my gaming career - heart beating so hard and a huge adrenaline rush!


I love the game however…it is tough and takes time. I’m not sure in my new life with a fiancée and a full-time job I’m going to have the patience or time to tuck back into this.

I spent hours on certain segments and bosses. I think of it like a super hard Mario 2d level - you keep trying the same portion again and again until you master it. But holy shit the sense of achievment once you complete that section is like nothing else in gaming.


While Bloodborne is obviously amazing, it doesn’t have the variety in builds that the other Souls games offer. Regardless of how you upgrade your stats, or which weapon you use, the combat tactics are essentially the same.

Whereas in the other Souls games your build can radically change how you have to approach certain enemies or bosses.

Clearly, if you only play the game once, or a few times this is all irrelevant. But if you are the sort of loser like me who has put thousands of hours into them, it makes a difference.