A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



I’m 87 now (takes about 50,000 souls to raise my level) but I guess I was 15 lower back then?

Most of that has gone into Strength (30) as I couldn’t equip most of my shields and for a while I was working towards using the Great Artorias Sword, and a few into Dex (41). Rest is Vit (33), Att (13), End (22), Res (12), Int (10), Fai (9).


tell us what you think once you get down the big tree.


GBOBT I reckon


You’ll still find the DLC challenging with this but at least Manus wont one-shot you!


Ah cool, when you were talking about it being easy and having jumped in levels I was worried you’d gone to level 200 and spoiled the game for yourself! I think I was about that when I finished it. I think you just gut gud.


Smashed through New Londo over the past couple of days. Don’t know if doing Ariamis first, or just general Anor Londo / O&S fuckery, has over-levelled me a bit, but found it surprisingly okay? As soon as I got the very large ember I pushed my Demon’s Greataxe to +15 and that’s helping a lot too, everything except the Mass of Souls was going down in 1 hit.

Really enjoyed the area, pretty creepy. That one house with all the ghosts and the banshee in it was intense, and seeing that the floor of the area after it was drained was just bodies was a neat/horrifying touch. Landing in the Abyss and that general area was great, the Four Kings fight felt extremely trippy and epic in the way you had no points of reference, and loved the boss design itself. Only took me a couple of tries, which surprised me after everything I’d heard up to that point about the boss.

On to the Duke’s Archives!


I barely have any weapons above a +5. I really need to sort that out…


This wet nurse is an absolute dickhead

So was the big ET but once I managed to avoid his little ET mates and his bloody lasers i was alright


Throwing myself into Dark Souls 2 DLC for the first time before I upgrade consoles and get Bloodborne and 3. Genuinely amazing. Brume Tower and Shulva are two of the best experiences I’ve had in gaming. Haven’t got to any of the bosses, though, so I’m sure I’ll change my mind soon.


Not sure what advice to give on ol’ Mergo beyond dodging loads in the phase where blades are everywhere. I’ve always aced her :wink:

Did you enjoy the Micolash fight?


DS2 DLC is astonishingly good. Those areas as a game unto themselves would be a 10/10


I did a lot of shouting at that one but that was probably the most satisfying to figure out. By the end, I could usually get him to that last room super quickly


Wet nurse well and truly haddocked into oblivion


Oh! I’ve completed it!


also from what I understand

the folks at the university were experimenting with all this weird blood stuff, it messed loads of people up and caused all these beasts and mutations and seemingly the severing of reality – something to do with those big cage hats externalising internal nightmares or something


There’s a cheese to that foggy bit in the nurse fight that once you know it makes it a bit silly.


Have you listened to bonfireside chat?


Would love to go into one of these games with no idea of the lore and try and piece it together. Sadly I’ve binged on wikis and spoiled it all for myself


I haven’t. Is that a podcast?

Also I should add that I’m not being dismissive, I like all this weird incredibly deep lore that’s running under the surface of everything but that isn’t hammered into yr face. I remember reading about the director being influenced by struggling to read translated fantasy novels and filling in the gaps with his imagination and finding that really cool

like I remember having a thrilling wtf moment when I first saw those proper stereotypical-looking aliens amongst everything


This is the real strength of the Soulsborne games lore-wise, works so fucking well. Really gets your imagination going and leaves you desperate for more.

I say this having only played Dark Souls. Really hope everything else gets remastered and released on Switch