A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



It is. It’s really good. They’re great at explaining both the lore and the genius (amd failings) of the game design.


I’m holding off listening until I’ve beat the area they discuss in a given episode, just finished the pvp one that’s sandwiched between their new londo ones. Know I’ve said before but really enjoying the podcast, cheers for the suggestion. The guests they get on are pretty great too.

Jumped into WOFF too. So annoyed they didnt like Metroid Fusion! But great podcast. Listening to their MGS one at the moment.


There are some great WOFFs. Bioshock is one of my faves.

And I’m gonna rep for Abject Suffering again as there’s some comedy gold there.


I started listening to the Cane and Rinse on BB. I like that Leon has the same perspective of myself (least experienced w Souls / only finished it once / etc.)


Haven’t posted in this thread before, but I’ve been replaying DS on Switch and needed somewhere to post that I just solo’d O&S for the first time and I’m very happy about it,

Spent ages doing co-op so I could summon Solaire, but kept getting invaded and killed before I could get past the fog, so I decided to give it a shot hollowed and took them down in two tries. :smile:


The online stuff sounds really interesting. I ain’t got PS Plus or whatever it is so I didn’t have the online extras available. The standard npc enemy hunters were rock ard, either way though


Aye, but there’s also the Church who have a different view of the blood and various factions of Hunters who, to be quite honest, all get pretty mixed up in my head. This reddit post actually has a quite amusing version of it (spoilers for the DLC)

Quite impressed by how quickly you’ve flown through this. It took me months the first time, but I’m not especially good at these games, I’m just good at trying the same thing over and over until I eventually get it right. What a useful skill that would be in real life!

I really think this is holding you back a little bit. Everybody plays differently but getting one or two weapons up to +14/15 makes a huge difference to the amount of damage you do. I’m getting towards the end of an NG+ run. Currently at level 75 with the same +15 scimitar I’ve been using since the start and only Ornstein & Smough have caused a (very) significant problem.

CTRL+F “fucking Fume Knight”…


Aava is pretty challenging as well at the moment. Still in a fun way, just about, but we’ll have to see if I’m still trying in a week.


I’ve gotten the Furysword to +4 but need Demon Titanite to go further, and I’ve killed them all bar one that I’ve found in game so far.

Got Longsword to +10 this weekend and Lightning Spear up near that.

How do you go beyond 10? I thought you then needed to ascend or make them raw? And the twice I’ve done that my weapon turned to shit… Any tips on a decent weapon to invest in for the DLC or endgame?


Looks like those weapons are more or less at the level I can get them to from a chart I just looked up. Didn’t realise that weapons with special abilities don’t tend to go past +5.


There’s another ember (think it’s in New Londo) which lets the first blacksmith ascend your weapons up to +11 on the basic upgrade path. Then you just need a few Titanite chunks to beef it up further.

I’m not the best person to ask about what weapon to go with as I’m very much “stick to what you know.” I do like the Furysword for specific situations but a fast, slashing sword is my go-to with a back-up rapier when I’m confident of getting parries and backstabs.


Ah, yeah. +15 is only possible for basic weapons. Most elemental upgrades only go to +10 and boss soul weapons to +5.


Decided I’d have a little go on the ng+

Got from the beginning of the game to having beaten Father Gascgoine (which took weeks first time round) in about fifteen minutes


First time I finished it, I did the same and then when I got to the Cleric Beast, my mind was completely blown! Think this only works if you also do the DLC.


The bosses in the DLC are resistant to elemental damage so you are best to have a regular +15 weapon that scales with the stat that you have highest - strength or dex. Longsword is a perfectly good option, my first DS completion was with that. As long as you are comfortable with the move set then any weapon can work. The New Londo ember is what you need most.


Thanks everyone.

Done the big tree and lake. The latter was incredibly atmospheric and one I’ll long remember but… empty? The former a right pain in the ass to get down, but kinda cool.

Accessed the DLC and beat Paris Hilton’s dog on my first go… Just. Now having my ass handed to me by some massive stone club wielding dicks.


I’ve had Bloodborne for PS4 sitting at home untouched for aaaages - I think I’ve been scared to play it (i’m not very good at games)

I think I am finally going to have a crack at it!



I’m really not very good at games either. I think that as long as you’re happy to recalibrate your expectations you’ll be fine. I think that playing yer Uncharteds or whatever had lead me to think that I should be able to get from one bit of a game to the next with about as much difficulty as going from one episode to another of a TV series. BB makes you work for it but it IS doable and as long as you’re patient and prepared to try different ways around a problem (like, run past it rather than engaging with it) you’ll be fine.


can I also say I thought it was weird seeing how people experiment with different weapons cause I completed the whole game with the saw cleaver and a repeating pistol


Yep I’ve given up at the first wolfman in the sick bay!