A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



You’re supposed to die to the wolf in the sickbay - you should then get transported to the dream, where you get to pick your weapons - did you get those?


I mentioned above that my first DS winning playthrough was with the longsword - it might not sound fancy, but it’s a solid weapon that suits both tanks and rollers. The saw cleaver is similar in BB. A lot of the other weapons require more specialist builds or a particular style of play to get the best out of them.


Beat Aava and Elana in DSII DLC. Nearly beaten Sinh a couple of times. Absolutely loving these areas tbh.


ah right! I just kept going back to sick bay - will investigate further

i am useless


Make sure you read all the notes that are scattered around the floor of the dream - they are from the developers and explain the controls.


Don’t you need to run past him to get to the first lantern?


Started playing DS3 last night. Noped the fuck out when the first “boss” morphed into a dinosaur thing and went back to Golf Story.

Maybe this weekend.


I’m mostly the same. Find it really diffcult to change up halfway through once I’m comfortable with a particular weapon.


Yep I’m on my way now - fucking shit up!


If you do play again head to the DLC for the pizza cutter ASAP. Most fun weapon by far.
I generally stick to an early weapon for my whole first playthrough. Bloodborne was the axe and spun at everything. First Dark Souls a reinforced club and bashed everything. Demon Souls a broadsword.


There’s scissors as a weapon in Bloodborne?


I’m all about the early run for the beast cutter. The shit regain on it means it’s never gonna fly as you’re only weapon, but the transformed form is maybe my favourite weapon of all the games.


Dark souls I was on the reinforced club for ages then once I found it I switched to the claymore for the rest of the game

Demon Souls was all about the Crescent Falchion


Also what does your charachter look like?

I always go for a female and always quite skinny (just cos I think they’ll dodge easier). I give them blue or green hair too.


I can never have a really fat character even though I know for a fact that it doesn’t make a difference to dodges and rolls. I just feel like it does and it puts me off.


Just lost 100,000 souls and 5 humanity to those Bonewheel pricks under the Painted World. Fuming.


Made some good headway last night, got to Knight Artorias and after about a dozen attempts trying to find a good combo of gear and learning his patterns, took him down. Probably the best boss in the game to date I’d say, thanks for suggesting I do this DLC.

Love the environments and lighting here too. Feels like returning to a weird Escher version of the Burg.

Should I do anything with his soul or plough onwards? Also saw a room of online things. Is that worth a punt or just going to be full of bellends?


Yeah, he is good. Good mixture of attacks and the fact that he’s hyper aggressive forced me to change my own approach to handle him.

Didn’t bother with the onlline stuff myself. You can get enough of that just from invaders and such.


The online rooms are so good I’d completely forgotten they existed. Not sure I ever managed to get an actual fight going in any of them as no one really goes in them. I can see what From were trying to do with it but it didn’t work at all. Feel free to ignore it - you won’t miss a thing.


I always try to make the most hidious looking character I can, (My Bloodborne guy has a giant beak-like hooked nose, little horn rimmed glasses and a bright orange bowl cut (with bald patch). Pretty sure i gave him beautiful ruby red lips and blue eye shadow as well.