A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



I am now a big fan of doing gestures at the doll


Ah shit… This next boss is gonna be nails, isn’t it?




Which one…


Manus I think he / she / it was called?


Yeah, he’s hard as hell. There’s another optional boss you might want to have a crack at too.


If you’re going dex then his soul gets you imo the best weapon in the game.


Just finished sunken King. Absolutely incredible start to finish except for the stupid fucking hidden bonfire. Sinh was an amazing fight.


Not all gestures are just for playing around…


Another boss eh? Interesting…

I was ploughing it into Dex until I hit level 40 then I switched to Strength as I had so many axes, swords and shields I couldn’t use. But it’s taking me so many souls to level up now that I fear I may never reach that point.

Should I bail and just put more into Dex?


With 40 dex you can trade artorias’ soul for something that will melt most enemies. But its fun to diversify, especially the first time you play through.

As far as dex goes, it’s diminishing returns after 40, you’re better off throwing them into other things instead.


Don’t you need 20 in everything to use that?


Nah, not his greatsword (although that does have a cool moveset), i’m on about the gold tracer.


But you can just fight her instead of trading her for it, plus she drops the other tracer too.

I’ve never used em but I wouldn’t mine going through the game like that in NG+ if I ever do, anyone who had that set up would destroy me in pvp usually


Here’s Bloodborne Barry.


Ah! I just fought her for it.


Looks a bit like present day Les Claypool.


Fighting her for it is more dark souls, yeah, but it ruins the narrative. I’m all about that lore.


The only thing I couldn’t bring myself to do was attack the 50 foot woman in her boudoir, i looked up stuff I might have missed after and it appears it would have meant I could fight another boss/get another soul. Kind of don’t care though, quite liked the 50 foot woman.

(As you can probably tell lore means very little to me in dark souls, I just want to get as strong as possible, wear good looking armour and enjoy the environments)


I hate dark anor londo anyway as it fucks up the bonfires, so every failure on the optional boss means a massive run back and given that the fight itself is just one long run down a corridor, it’s not the most fun part of the game