A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)





Only one I’ve come across and not bothered with. Couldn’t really be arsed with it.


I spoilered the spoiler


Consistently getting Manus down to half health now but then get destroyed. I’m guessing it’s doable solo, right? Or is it another ‘best done coop’ scenario?


Do you have the silver pendant?


I do yeah. Someone tweeted me today suggesting I investigate that next time too and try Havel’s armour. Been rolling around mainly so erred away from that to date.


He has 3 different dark magic attacks that he uses in the 2nd half of the fight. If you’re a DS master you can avoid them without the pendant. Personally, I spam it as soon as I see him start one of them. Make sure you only have your estus (maxed to 20 right?) and the pendant on your item menu so you can swap quickly between them.

I prefer rolling too. Tanking with armour is a short term solution - learning the timing for dodging will help further down the line when you play the sequels and Bloodborne…



Ive equipped it but just had another crack on my commute and was one hit from doing it just using my usual rolling attacks. Got greedy (as usual!) and rushed it.

Can always play this better when I don’t have the sound on panicking me…

So reckon I can do it.


Manus needed to man-up. That’s him done.

Got the old ‘heart pounding and adrenalin rush’ thing going on as I was playing it on a train, thinking I haven’t got time to beat him before my next stop but I’ll give it a go. Started well, took a hammering at the magic attack and thought I’d died as he then followed up with that fist flurry attack. Looked out of the window for a bit, thinking I was dead, then as I looked down saw I had a miniscule grain of health. Dodged just in time to miss another attack, got 2 hits in and started believing I could do it. Suckered him into a ground pound, letting me heal, then finished him off with a thrust attack from the trusty old Longsword.

Buzzing now. Haven’t even had time to see what happens next as I was about to miss my stop!

When this game does stuff like that and makes you go on that journey from ‘this is hard’ to sheer elation via dejection and I CAN DO THIS! it’s incredible.

I also reckon it’s made me a far better and more patient gamer now. Would love to see if I’d be better at Bayonetta and Breath of the Wild now.


Not many games which can make you feel like this eh?


Nope. It’s the same feeling I had when I played it on Xbox360 all those moons ago and my console bricked as I rang that first bell. Knew it had gotten it’s claws into me then, and we’d have another rendezvous at some point.

I’m thankful not every game is like this though. I enjoy gaming to switch off and relax and precious little about this game is relaxing! Plus it’s got so many barriers to entry that I find really hard to fit in with my life these days.

But I understand why it’s so revered. It’s brilliant at its best.


Beat Kalameet and found he gave me more grief than Manus. Good battle though in a lush setting.

So that’s that. Talked to the giant to get his bow, realised I had 80+ humanity stored up and loads of Titanite. Should I go round kindling bonfires and spending it in case I do NG+ one day or does it all carry over? Anything to do before ‘the end’?

Onto Gwyn now. Made it to him last night and almost took him down first go so think it’ll be over tonight…


Ask yourself whether, after all you’ve seen, is it the right thing to do to prolong the age of fire? Or should you just leave Gwyn in peace?


It doesn’t seem like things are going great…? but the music for the Gwyn fight does that Shadow of the Colossus thing where it’s making me feel like a right dick for attempting to kill him.


Good work on the DLC. Was worried you’d take as long to beat Manus as I did!

All your stuff carries over but you need to find all the different embers again so it’s worthwhile to upgrade as many weapons as you feel like before finishing if you think you’ll go to NG+.

On the other hand, you get so many souls in NG+ that it’s almost impossible to find something to spend them on.


The music for that fight is so good innit? The sound design in these games is soooooooo good

Edit: “so good”


Got the uchigatana in DS3. Time to tear shit up.


^ I should never have said this. I’ve been a hit away from killing him twice now but always panic and am having one of those nights where it’s not flowing. Maybe on Friday…


Are you parrying him? I can parry all the silver and black knights from the burg to his face now without taking a hit.Then I try and do it with him and though I am mostly successful I always fuck one up causing instant death from his follow ups.

I’ve found the safest way is to roll back/sideways for most of his attacks and bait for his grab move. Get a hit or two in depending how fast my weapon is, then rinse, repeat.

Also, in terms of things you might want to do before you finish, some NPCs drop unique or rare weapons when they die, every firekeeper drops fk souls to boost your estus so kill them all.


Noooooooooooo!!! Don’t kill your friends!