A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



I forgot how satisfying it is to go from shitting your undead pants at the sight of a particular enemy to nonchalantly backstabbing them to death over the course of an evening.

First proper boss tonight.


A PS4 I won off eBay got delivered yesterday. First thing I did was go trade in the rubbish games I got with it for Bloodbourne and Dark Souls 2 (SotLS) and 3.

Gave Bloodbourne a go last night briefly. Looks beautiful and has a different but familiar feel to the movements. Seeing as I only got through a few hours of Dark Souls 2 on PS3 before realising it would be better to get SotLS I want to return to that first really.


Getting to the end of NG+ and just spent way too long killing all those dinosaur-ass things in Lost Izalith for very little reward. Should probably start work at some point.

Ah, that reminds me of one other thing. If you are thinking of kindling a few bonfires before you complete it, it’s worth trying to get a Dark Hand - if you don’t have one already, you’ll need to farm the Darkwraiths in New Londo for a bit to get one - and using that to drain humanity from the various NPCs


There are no friends in Lordran. Only Undead who haven’t gone hollow yet.


“He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster.” - Adolf Monroe

You monster!


Yeah I hadn’t parried before so those knights have been a crash course in it. Sometimes I can do all of them in a row fine bar the last one but balls up Gwyn. Or else I limp to him, pull off 3 in a row and then fluff my lines.

Gotten to the point where it’s pissing me off and frustrating me as I genuinely was close to doing it twice in my first 4 goes, and I’ve not gotten close again since

May be time to calm down, walk away and come back tomorrow.

And thanks for the heads up, I did kill a couple of people at Firelink after this advice. And I feel like a monster now.


Also, to heighten my uselessness, I listened to a podcast recently where someone beat this game after 40 hours first time through, without the DLC and Painted World. I must be at 100 hours now…


I warned you :pensive:


It’s not a race. One of the things I love about these games (add it to the pile) is that I feel it’s worth taking your time. I’ve never felt like I wanted to rush through and I don’t ever feel like the game judges you for gaming your time in fact it rewards you.


So, Bed of Chaos is bullshit, huh?


I’m a huge fan of the uchigatana so if i’m doing a dex run the undead merchant is always killed as soon as I’ve bought all the boxes from him.

After killing the Fair Lady I always leave an orange soapstone with the word ‘Monster’ behind where she dies to make anyone else who does it feel awful about themselves.


My first time I played for sixty hours only getting to O+S then had to give up and start afresh.

It was just after the game was released and it came with the first chapter of the strategy guide. I read it but didn’t touch the internet for advice after that. Unfortunately it finished just at the hellkite dragon and the drake sword.

So I got that weapon, didn’t bother with any others and once I got to AL I wasn’t making a dent on enemies. It also didn’t help that I had been levelling up stats equally so I put as many points into resistance as I did endurance etc. I gave up and vowed to sell this stupid fucking game on ebay.

Left it for a week and then my hurt pride made me roll a new character. Now it’s my favourite game and I’ve done it and the sequels with a soul level 1 build.


Isn’t that one actually more of a mercy killing?


If you join her covenant and give her humanity, she gets better. It also opens a path to save Solaire. Her sister presumably thought she was worth saving since she died to defend her.

You monster!


I had a similar experience with AL. Had spread my stats too thinly and had no decent weapon. Took me about 15 hours of killing those 6 knights repeatedly to rectify it!


Oh no! The podcast I listen along to did NOT tell me that…


Nito is the biggest bullshit boss in the whole series for me. Hate that guy


Above the ancient dragon??


Nito?! Madness. Got a lot of time for the big dead lad myself.


Definitely. He’s optional so gets a bit of leeway. More importantly, he’s not difficult, just boring.

In the Nito fight you arrive with a third of your health because of your fall. Then you get hit with constant ground attacks before you get near him. At the same time regenerating skeletons attack while you try and deal with the toxin he inflicts.