A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



I love how he looks, I hate how he acts.


Difficult over boring all day long for me!


Maybe he’s just easier with a big tank build but him and his skeletal army have never posed me any problems. Big sweeping weapons make short work of him and his posse.


I agree. But Nito itself isn’t difficult, has about three moves, it’s only difficult because of all the other shite being slammed in your face. That’s what I don’t like about the fight.


Maybe my penchant for dex builds is the problem


Some bosses are like that - there are a few (particularly in 2&3) that I had a torrid time with as a big sword wielder. But it makes area control when you’re being swarmed a lot easier.


How many bosses are there in the game that are properly awesome vs a bit shit in your view?

Top few I loved:

Artorias, Sif, Bell gargoyles, Manus, Kalameet

Pretty good:

O&S, Gwyn (though I’m yet to beat him), that fiery thing, the one at the top of Sen’s, the dragon librarian, Quelaag, stupidly slow dragon, the one you fight 3 times, Nito


Bed of chaos, Hydra, Capra Demon, Four Kings

Probably forgotten loads.




I’d put O/S in the top rung. The ‘hate you’ pile should only have Nito in it as the rest are generally all okay once you know how they work.

Nito is announced at the start of the game as ‘the first of the dead’. There is a reason he was killed first.

The worlds in the sequels are not as impressive as the original but the boss fights are. DS3 is consistently good and has my favourite ones from any game, including Artorias.


Top tier

Artorias, Sif, O&S, Manus

Pretty good

Good ol’ Nito, Gwyn, Iron Golem, Seath, Queelag, Ayslum/Stray demon, depths dragon (why can’t I remember that name?), Kalameet, Capra, Hydra x2, four kings, the other dudes I’ve forgotten

Fuck off mates:

Bed of Chaos, Ceaseless Discharge


I’ve still got Catacombs/Tomb of the Giants and the DLC to go, but here’s my list.

I’ve said before but by the time I’d done Ariamis, levelled up a fair bit and upgraded my axe all the way, bosses became quite trivial. Could dish it out and tank it pretty well. Most bosses taken 1 attempt, with Four Kings and Sif taking 2 (and ignoring Bed of Chaos which I fear at this stage I may never beat). I think how easy things are becoming, and how forgiving the game is being with my mistakes now my stats are decent, has taken the shine off some of the later bosses.

O&S - Extremely statisfying to beat. (Very) challenging but not unfair. Great character design, Ornstein is badass and Smough is a mega dick. Awesome arena. 10/10.
Four Kings - maybe this will be controversial, but very nearly my personal favourite fight? Thought the Abyss was excellent as an arena, completely disorientating but in a good way. Thought the boss design was awesome, the lore behind them was great. Each time a new king appeared, it felt like I was blasting off valiently into the endless void to duel a terrifying, incomprehensible foe far more powerful than I.
Queelag - Suitably horrifying design, tough but not unfair, great lore. Badass fire sword.
Bell Gargoyles - El Classico
Sif - Bit too easy for my liking by the time I got to it, but 10/10 great doggo.
Capra Demon - Proper pants-shitting moment when you go through the fog door. Would be perfectly challenging if those dickhead dogs weren’t there to make it straight up infuriating.
Seath - bit anticlimactic and think I was overlevelled by the time I got here. Great villain and character design though
Iron Golem - cheesed it a bit with Tarkus AND a sunbro. Felt good bringing it down though.
Asylum Demon - the one, the only, the real OG. Landing that drop attack feels pretty sweet. You’ll never forget your first.
Stray Demon - Repeated bosses suck, but this guy had a few tricks up its sleeve, and the element of surprise when you fall was neat.
Taurus Demon - how did this take so long the first time around?
Gaping Dragon - Easy and gross.
Moonlight Butterfly - Looks really cool, but so unfair if you’re not a ranged character and didn’t summon that NPC
Demon Firesage - Bored of these guys by now
Ceaseless Discharge - Dodge arm, attack arm, repeat. Boring.
Centipede Demon - I had no idea what was going on during this fight. Solaire ran around a bit, I got jumped on a lot and couldn’t see anything, and it still died on the first attempt…?
Bed of Chaos - This ain’t a boss, this is a platforming mini-game that is OUT. TO. GET. YOU.


Did you purposely fight Ceaseless Discharge or did you not know about the easy way to kill him?


I think I knew about it (is it getting him to fall off?) and I was just feeling lazy :sweat_smile: but possibly heard about it just after on bonfireside chat, can’t remember.

To be fair it didn’t take long with the demon’s greataxe. Just felt like a pretty unmemorable fight!


Yeah that’s it. It’s super easy and super cheesy. Kudos for going to toe to toe with him. I can never be bothered - as you say he’s pretty tedious for a giant made of lava.


gaping dragon. Also you missed the moonlight butterfly but probably because it’s so shit


That’s the fella!

I’m not a massive fan of the moonlight butterfly but I do like bosses you can see from far away long before you fight them. Shame it’s not much of a battle when you get to it.


Sanctuary Guardian is a cool one. A perfect ‘welcome to the DLC’ moment when you first get splatted by him a few seconds after walking in, and one of the quickest transitions from ‘oh my god this is impossible’ to ‘oh it’s over’ once you get a handle on the move set.


Didn’t know you could do that.



why is this bloody big tree aggressively trying to sit on my face


So after a week of failed evenings taking on Gwyn, tonight I beat him. Helped when I equipped some heavyweight armour and a bigger shield and suddenly parrying got waaaaaay easier. Broke my sword mid-battle which caused a brief panic but I recovered to beat him.

So the ending. Is that… it…? Or did I do something wrong? I guess it’s not about the ending though eh?

Started a bit of the NG+ and it’s vaguely ridiculous how easy this bit feels now.

So I’m a Dark Souls Wanker now. Hit me up with any lore videos or YouTube streams you’d recommend! Thanks for all your help too. Been a blast.