A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Congratulations! Praise the sun!

I’ve been holding off on watching Prepare To Cry until i beat the game, but that’s supposed to be good for lore. Hbomberguy had some good vids but that might have been dark souls 2 and bloodborne.

For the second playthrough… you may have done this already on your first but there’s a thing you can do in Anor Londo that is significant lore-wise and introduces a new boss. And there’s another primordial serpent that you can meet if you go about the game in a different order, again significant lore-wise and think it has an impact on the ending.


Done the former, not the latter. Torn between putting it down for a while and starting it all over again!


Just checking in to say Fuck The Second Half Of The Ivory King DLC. Feels a little bit better now I can run around it wearing the sunken king’s crown though.


I’ve already started a second dex playthrough alongside my strength one :sweat_smile:.

My bro and I had been going nuts about this game since the network test for switch, but our friend was being really stubborn about not getting involved (even when it was free during the test!!!). So for christmas we bought him the game

So i’ve got a dex sunbro to help him on some of the bosses!


Bed of Chaos, Pinwheel and Nito are all dead. The catacombs were okay, not the most interesting area but also not the worst (blighttown). Pinwheel was laughably easy. Tomb of the Giants was cool and tougher than the area before it. Loved that you could see the Demon Ruins and Ash Lake as you descended. Died a lot to those skeleton dogs. And the skeleton babies were creepy. Nito went down on the first try but it got a little hairy at points, especially with the toxic. Had more trouble with the giant skeletons than Nito himself, probably.

On to the expansion!


You guys are all way better than I was. Even at my best, I struggled to beat most bosses within a half dozen attempts.


I think I’ve been quite lucky with the bosses, and my stamina and upgraded estus lets me make a handful of mistakes and still recover. So I’m playing quite sloppily and still learning the fight without dying, like I would have done earlier in the game. Feels a bit like i’m cheesing it a bit to be honest.

Outside of the bossfights I’m still dying a lot… in catacombs I just couldnt beat the titanite demon at all. Solaire got me a few times in lost izalith, as did the pyromancer outside the bed of chaos.


I’ve never fought Solaire? Only played along side him?


Spoilers! If you follow his questline up to that point and see him at the bonfire outside the entrance to lost izalith, just before the bed of chaos there’s a path to a bridge leading back to the demon ruins, with a titanite demon on it. If you go past that Solaire is there with a sunlight maggot on his head and has gone crazy. He hits pretty fast and hard.

More spoilers! There are ways to go through the game to make this not happen. If you manage that then he can be summonable for Gywn. If you didn’t kill him maybe he was there for you?

What did you use for light in the Tomb of the Giants?


Reckon I’m gonna pick this up at launch and join in the fun with everyone having the crap beaten out of them along the way.

Sekiro’s vibe appeals to me a lot more than the other games. Not particularly into the whole Lovecraftian thing of Bloodborne or the dark fantasy/horror vibe of Dark Souls, but thanks to teenage McGarnagle being massively into Manga and Anime, I do love some samurai and Japanese folklore stuff.


Well… that’s why I hated it so much. Until the very last part, nothing. I learned it by trial and error in the dark and memorised it.

I tried equipping the Skull Lantern but it didn’t work as I had it in my right hand. Resorted to a YouTube video near the end convinced I was tackling it wrong and found a guy using it in the other hand…


Awesome stuff! I’m almost as excited for the DiS thread as I am for the game itself.

I’m really intrigued to see what Miyazaki’s take on Japanese folklore is like. Though as a fully paid up Souls wanker it is my duty to say that the setting is of little consequence - it’s likely to be pretty window dressing for his usual themes of doomed majesty and everlasting sorrow.


Holy shit! Not sure if I could have managed it in the dark.


Maybe I’ll just drink heavily and achieve the same effect.


Now you’re getting it! Though for the full effect you’d need to drink a hefty amount of whisky, spend several hours pimping out a sledgehammer and then use it to try and fight a bear.


For the last time, that bear had it coming!


Fucking hell. I think that probably makes you the most hardcore DS player here.


You mean stupid…


Nah, props to that. That area is toouuuugh


Wish if tried Gwyn as a human now. Would have been cool to fight alongside Solaire one last time. Love that guy.

Why did you ask about how I got through the Tomb? Is it connected with Solaire? Need to read the Lore on that chap.