A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Near where you fight him you can kill a Chaos Bug that drops the Sunlight Maggot helm (which Solaire is wearing when you fight him). This gives off light so you can use it for the Tomb (and without using up a hand)

He’s a great dude, makes his questline all the more tragic :frowning:


Always reminds me of that how to video where you do part of his quest line, “Rip Solaire of Astora, died looking for the sun underground”


30 to be exact She opens up a new pathway to Lost Izalith. That pathway contains bugs, one of which can take control of Solaire. If you kill the bug by going that direction first, you can save him. If you arrive there from the opposite direction, the bug has already taken control of him and he will attack you. There is also a non-intentional way to save him without donating all that humanity.]This text will be blurred


Definitely not worth worrying about this. You’ve had at least twice as much fun as this other dude. As it happens, I was thinking my NG+ run would take maybe 20 hours and it’s now getting on for 50, with Manus & Gwyn to go. This is because:

  • Decided to do this run completely human, to get all the invaders and because I’ve never done that before in any of them.
  • Going for the platinum, so had to spend a while farming some of the covenant items.
  • Didn’t want to waste souls on levelling up Faith so spent ages waiting to get summoned so I could meet the requirements to join the Sunbros.
    NB Only realised how stupid this was in retrospect when I found I still can’t use the Darkmoon Bow.
  • Also decided to try and finish all the NPC questlines I hadn’t before, which involved more grinding and backtracking.
  • Almost finished my preposterous quest to get one of every (basic) weapon up to +5 before I got to NG++. It’s currently unclear if I’ll then want to make that +10.

This is a common theme with all the soulsborne games. The combination of practice and stats means that, if you continue in NG+ right now, it’ll take you an afternoon at most to get back to Anor Londo. Then Ornstein & Smough will fuck you up all over again!

And as someone earlier in the thread was asking what your character looks like, I got dressed up special for this selfie…


Here I am seeing the sights


Despite nearly throwing my controller through the screen at Crystal Sage*, I’m feeling that Dark Souls 3 is much, much easier than DS1. I’m sure everyone’s going to “oh you sweet summer child” me because I’m not very far in, but all the quality of life things make everything so much simpler - fast travel, centralised vendors, etc. Bonfires feel closer to bosses so far, too, and there are more of them and they’re closer together.

Is this a common sentiment?

*it’s not that it was a difficult boss, just an inconsistent one; it felt like it broke that fundamental Souls rule that things can be hard but they will always be fair. I didn’t execute better on the kill attempt, just got luckier.


Never been able to make my mind up on which is the hardest. BB is incredibly hard at the start since you can’t even level up until you find some insight. DS3 is certainly fairer to the player as regards giving you a bonfire nearer the bosses than DS1. The boss fights themselves are fairer too. I don’t think they are easier though and they tend to last longer.

Everyone seems to have problems with different bosses too. I find Nito a constant pain but most other people here seem to not have much of a problem. Yet if I’m using a lightning uchi I can have Smough down in 20 seconds.

The RNG that you’ve experienced with the Crystal Sage is a common theme in DS bosses.

TL;DR – I don’t know.


They streamlined things a lot to make it more accessible, which does make things feel a bit easier. However they countered that with a few really harsh bosses later on…

I went a different route to most on DS3 and did the bosses in a different order. By the time I got to the Crystal Sage he was almost Pinwheel-esque in how easy he was. Whereas my mate got stuck in him for about 2 months and nearly went mad beating him. Funny how these things work.


Don’t get me wrong, he went down like a sack of shit whenever I could get the hits in, but those random spawn locations and whether or not the spells would hit you when you were up in his grill was what made the difference. Annoying.

Still, that poison swamp thing I’ll be doing soon looks like a right barrel of laughs, so at least I’ve got that to look forward to.


Yeah mate it’s like live at the Apollo. Absolute laugh riot.


I’m expecting to enjoy it about as much as a Michael McIntyre set.


Started Bloodborne instead of DSII, wanted to play something that was designed for the PS4 rather than an upgraded PS3 game.

Enjoying it so far but in typical souls fashion is hard as fuck. I’m basically nowhere in the game, died loads trying to kill that big beast man knocking on the door and then just earlier managed to beat him using the gun/parry technique (am finding this way easier than in Souls games) but then died in that sort of sewer bit with the ladders not long after and I’ve given up for this evening. Tomorrow!

I like that it’s more action orientated but obvs still can’t go charging in to areas like Leeroy Jenkins, also love the design asthetically and sonically.


Started the AotA DLC yesterday, and it’s bloody great isn’t it? Beat Artorias last night (first try :sunglasses:), him and the guardian are both really really cool fights. Also enjoying how different the environment is from anywhere else in the game so far.


First try! Impressive…

I loved the DLC. Probably the best bit of the game outside of Undead Burg.


Blimey, that’s pretty impressive and you’re doing some absurd damage with that big hammering thing.

I finished NG+ last night and Artorias still took me 10 or 12 attempts. Gave each of them a few tries but couldn’t be arsed with Manus or Kalameet this time round and, despite my comments earlier about how easy parrying is, kept getting too anxious and falling at the last hurdle with Gwyn.

Finished him off around midnight and naturally went straight into an NG++ run.


wt actual f was that Deacons of the Deep “fight” supposed to be


Yeah pretty rubbish isn’t it? Shame as the level prior to that fight is incredible and HUGE and one of the most challenging bits of the game.


564 damage! You’re a beast


Yeahhh what weapon are you using there? And build?



It’s the demon greataxe+15, which has an S rating for strength so pumped loads of souls into that. Went and got that before sens fortress and its served me pretty well ever since.

Its so heavy though, and I’m super anal about being able to light roll, so my armor is super light. It’s also really slow, so have had to work on my timing a lot.

Soul level 92ish, off the top of my head got somethinhg like 32 vit, 40 endurance and 52 strength. Like i’ve said upthread, sunbro-ing for O&S a lot and doing Ariamis straight after that helped build up a lot of souls and the game has been much easier since then.

All that said, about to venture into the Chasm of the Abyss and fucking bricking it.