A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Dont really know why it’s called an axe. It’s clearly more of a hammer


Manus wrecked my shit


Which should I replay at half term (completed both twice but haven’t played either for ages)

  • Bloodborne
  • Dark souls 3

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Fourth attempt and Manus is down! Sif absolutely saved my life.


So made some progress with Bloodborne but have hit a wall with the blood starved demon in old yharnam. Even summoning Alfred hasn’t made much of a difference, can get him to about half health and seem to have a good rhythm then out of nowhere feels like he corners me and gives me 2 hits and I’m dead.

I’ve used the hunters mark to get my blood echos back and gone to hunters dream to upgrade/have a think (I’ve got about 10,000 souls and a load of blood items too). Will probably come back to it tomorrow or Saturday…

Also this game is way scarier than any of the Souls games I’ve played, so many jump scares and generally horrific looking beasts coming for me out of nowhere. I’m used to fighting fucking knights and trees, not crows that sound like rabid dogs


Slogged through that bastard poison swamp with those shit cunt curse frog twats and did Abyss Watchers too. Got all the items I could see so will check a walkthrough tonight to see if I’ve missed anything good and then I AM DONE with that place.

Also, relieved I won’t need an upgrade if I want to get Sekiro:

Many thanks to the console peasants for keeping the system requirements down. :pray:


Just downloaded DS1. Will let you know what it’s like to play having already done DS2 and DS3 (and obviously having hear a shit ton about it already).


I played 2 before 1 and still thought 1 was incredible. The only thing to remember is that you can only roll forwards, backwards and side to side in 1. Moving from the ds2 omni-directional rolling to ds1 rolling made me so fucking angry until I got used to it.


Opposite of this for me. it’s all a bit “man who looks like Comic Book Guy dressing up in a kimono for the big Legends of the Five Rings card game tournament” to me.

I appreciate that this is the result of some extremely niche biases on my part.


I am obviously intrigued as to how it’s gonna be but worried it might be not meet the quality of the Souls games/Bloodborne


Tricky when it’s your favourite games of all time - they’re bound to disappoint at some point in the future


I only understand approximately 50% of those words.


That’s probably for the best.


From a quick Google of “Comic Book Guy” and “Legend Of the Five Rings”, this could be a DiS version of the Reply All, Yes Yes No podcast episodes.
Are you saying it just seems like an outlet for white people to live out their samurai fantasies, and you aren’t keen?


After 2 attempts, Kalameet is dead meat

That leaves Gwyn himself, after a quick detour down to Ash Lake to check it out.


That’s maybe a bit farther than I’d go, but kind of. My hobbies mean that I often share event spaces with white male nerds who dress up as samurai and do a “BANZAI!!!” warcry before sitting down to play their nerdy card game and it’s the most cringeworthy thing imaginable. I can’t shake those mental associations.


Sounds pretty traumatic. Was Nioh a big no?


I quite enjoyed Nioh until I ran out of steam with it, but it was kind of in spite of the setting rather than because of it. Although there was enough mythological creatures and stuff in that to distract me.


Beat that blood starved demon. Did it without Alfred, just went toe to toe with him and gun parried him about 8 times like a gothy billy the kid. Definetly the most satisfying boss win I’ve had across any souls game I’ve played because it requires being aggressive yet calm under pressure.


Cracked through Old Ivory King, Fume Knight and the silly blue clown monster regen last night. That’s all 3 crowns. Just Sir Alonne to go now and then it’s Bloodbourne and DS3. Was getting a bit annoyed with the DLCs when I got to iron passage and frigid outskirts, but those last 2 fights were amazing. Overall absolutely incredible areas. If that’s what 3 is like then I can’t wait.